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Getting back into the office has been a light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of people. Working from the confines of a home office for the past 2 years has affected people mentally and physically. But with people still unsure about the safety of going back into the office, things have to be adjusted and changed. New ways of holding meetings had to be created, with new focus rooms, hybrid desks, and new equipment to suit the new way of working.

Neat doesn’t just bring sleek and slimline devices in to your meeting room. Behind all the technology Neat products are working hard to give you the best and healthiest meeting there can be. The features included are: Neat Sense, Symmetry, and Boundary. These unique features have been included to change the way people video conference. The features can make you meeting more successful with enhancing your audio and image. Neat starting a movement to make meetings more personal and insightful – no matter where you are.
If Neat sounds like something that would benefit your meetings – send us over a filled out from with your details and we’ll get back to your enquiry. Or if you want to have a chat about Neat products and their unique features, you can give us a call on (01189) 977 785.  

Neat Sense

If you are one of those worrying about the safety of returning to the office, Neat Sense could help easy your worries. This feature monitors your meeting room and creating analytics for you to view after your meeting is over. Neat Sense will gather information about the meeting rooms temperature, humidity, and air quality. Plus it will count how many people are in the room.

Getting information about the air quality of your room can be super important. Neat devices uses TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) and CO2eq sensors to put across an estimate of CO2 concentrations in the room. Giving you the best most accurate data it can. This information will let you keep control over your meeting room and if the room is safe enough to hold a meeting.

Real Time Analytics

Neat’s Smart Sense technology will gather data in real time throughout your meeting and presenting it to you at the end. The Neat device will constantly monitor your meeting rooms air quality. Alongside Neat monitoring the air quality of the room, humidity and the temperature of the meeting room will also be monitored. These analytics will let you make sure that your meeting room is suitable and comfortable for the participants in the meeting. 

To be able to get an accurate reading, your Neat device will need to be powered on for at least 24 hours in the meeting room you want to get analytics from.

It Just Makes Sense

There are many reason to why gathering this sort of data is important. Calculating the levels of CO2 in a room helps make your meeting room less dangerous and can affect people in the meeting. If CO2 levels get too high, it is proven that is can slower your productivity. Not only dangerous for your meetings but your employees. Similarly to stop an impact on productivity and motivation, making sure that the air quality is good is important. It helps make people in the room more productive, happier, and healthier.

Furthermore, making sure that the humidity is between 30-60% it stops any viruses transmitting from person to person. A great feature to entice people back to the office and to use meeting rooms again. Giving people access to clear and precise analytics to show that they are safe.

Neat Boundary

If you are working from a focus room in a busy office, Neat Boundary allows you to shut yourself away. A feature that can keep the focus on yourself and your meeting participant. Shutting out the noisy office. With Neat Boundary you can walk into your focus room with Neat Frame already sat on the desk. Ready to hold your meeting and adjust the width and depth of the Boundary.

With your Boundary set, voices, loud noises, and other faces will be blocked from your meeting. The Boundary settings are easy to use, you can set your Boundary line to the exact width and height you want it at. You having piece of mind and Neat’s smart technology knowing that you should only be in focus.

Neat Boundary Feature

Set Your Boundary

The Boundary feature is fully customisable to how you want it and to the size of your room. So if someone needs to join in last minute you can adjust the width of the boundary to include the extra person. Making way for collaboration and further ideas being presented. When setting the boundary it is recommended that you walk around your desired perimeter to make sure that your boundary is correct. So if someone is in the meeting room but stood outside of the boundary, the Neat camera will detect that they are there but will not show them in the meeting. 

Neat Symmetry

When meeting in a large meeting room, having up-close and personal interactions can be difficult. With Neat Symmetry, each and every person in the meeting will be put into frame. With the remote participants seeing the classic grid view that would normally be seen if each person was using their own device.

This not only gives a cleaner look to the meeting with cutting out the background and focusing on the person. But, it promotes a more natural meeting as you can see everyone’s facial expressions. Being able to bring back natural interactions. The interactions that you would normally have if everyone included in the video conference was in the same meeting room together. 

Neat Symmetry 3-1
Neat Symmetry 3A-1
Neat Symmetry 3B-1

More Realistic Meetings

One of the biggest benefits of Neat Symmetry is that it can help improve the wellbeing of Neat’s users. It may not seem like it but Symmetry will, like said, help move your video conferencing to a more realistic meeting. So if you’re just starting to come back to work, it can be difficult to not have in-house meetings. Especially for that amount of time if you’ve been working from home. Using Neat Symmetry will help those still working from home. Helping them feel more included and involved in the meeting. 

Neat Symmetry will work in any meeting room and can be used on all, but Neat Pad, Neat devices. Neat making sure that these features can help with anyone’s wellbeing in any meeting, however Neat Symmetry will only work in a meeting with less than nine people. Using the Neat Symmetry feature on Neat Board in a large room for example. 

8-1 Neat Feature
Neat Symmetry 8A-1
Neat Symmetry 8B-1

Neat Auto Framing

Auto framing is a regular feature in most video conference devices. However with Neat, they have proposed a feature of auto framing that can actually help improve your wellbeing. Included in Neat Frame, the auto framing feature promotes users to get up and move around while on a video call. Instead of just sitting in your chair. It can improve your mental health by being able to do some form of exercise in your day.

Not only that but it can help improve your meeting by giving you the freedom to get up and move around while you present during your call – like you would do normally during a face to face meeting. Knowing that Neat’s camera will follow you around seamlessly.  

Freedom To Move Around

Not only does Neat’s auto framing feature allow you to get up throughout the day. And get your steps in. But it allows for more natural conversation gestures and expressions. Allowing you to feel like you are in a normal conversation with your work colleague. Which can massively improve you style of conversation and what ideas you bring to the table. Letting that natural conversation and interaction come back into the office. 

Neat provide the best devices to get the most out of your meetings. Focusing on whats best for the wellbeing of your team to holding the best meeting you can. That’s why we think that Neat is one of the best and upcoming devices to use in any type of meeting room or meeting space. That’s what is so great about Neat – they have created devices to cover every type of meeting room and meeting space. If you wanted to use Neat Board in your open planned office, you can do just that and with the unique Neat features it’s possible to do so without having any interruptions. 

Natalie Horn

Natalie Horn

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