Yealink UVC84

Yealink UVC84 12x Optical 3x Digital Zoom 4K USB PTZ Camera

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Yealink UVC84 Features

Audio scalability

12x optical zoom

Multiple installations

80° field of view

What's in the box

  • Yealink UVC84 4K PTZ Camera
  • 7m USB Cable
  • 7.5m Ethernet Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • VCR20 Remote Control
  • 2x AAA Battery
  • 5x Velcro 
  • Mounting Bracket and Accessories
  • Quick Start Guide

Document Downloads

The easy installation camera that delivers 4K

Yealink UVC84 12x Optical 3x Digital Zoom 4K USB PTZ Camera

Featured 4K camera, auto framing, and integrated with audio, UVC84 delivers true-to-life communication by precisely reproducing every moment and detail. Covering a wide field of view of 80°, with mechanical pan, tilt easily done by remote control or Yealink camera control plug-in software, UVC84 brings more efficient collaboration. Moreover, the revolutionized new ID design and multiple installation options make UVC84 ideal for any professional meeting space.

4K Video Quality:

4K video output with excellent sharpness and smoothness, accurately reproducing every detail, color and awarding you a vivid video experience.

Auto Framing:

12x optical zoom, 3x digital zoom, and 80° field of view, UVC84 can easily cover a medium or large meeting space, ensuring everyone is seen clearly. Powered by excellent auto framing feature, UVC84 enables you free from manual PTZ control and well focus on the meeting with better efficiency

Multiple Installations:

New ID design and multiple installation options (on a conference table, on the top of a TV, on the wall, on the ceiling, onto a TV stand or a tripod) enables UVC84 to flexibly fix any professional meeting space according to your needs. Easy set-up and USB plug and play, UVC84 is right for your meeting from the first minute you start.

Yealink UVC84 Frequently Asked Questions

To connect the Yealink UVC84 to a PC you will have to connect the UVC84 to a soundbar, a microphone, via a CAT5e and your PC via a USB cable. If you want to connect the UVC84 to a video conferencing system, for example the Meeting Eye800, you will need to connect to the Meeting Eye 800 via a PoE Switch and connect that via an ethernet cable. Then connect your PC to the Meeting Eye 800 into a VCH port. Plug a display, a CTP20 and the power adapter into the Meeting Eye 800. Then plug the Meeting Eye 800 into the Internet via an Ethernet cable. 

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