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Yealink MVC S90 Large Room System (No Audio)

  • 1 x MCore Pro Gen3 Mini-PC
  • 1 x MTouch Plus Gen3 touch panel
  • 1 x AVHub audio and video processor
  • 2 x UVC86 USB PTZ camera
  • 2 x WPP30 wireless presentation pod
  • 1 x RoomSensor meeting room sensor

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The UVC86 camera you receive may be silver or black and we cannot guarantee which colour you will receive. The UVC86 camera has a built-in mic that is used for the speaker tracking function. It is not used for voice pick-up. You will need to purchase an additional mic and speakers for audio.


The Yealink MVC S90 Gen 3 Microsoft Teams Rooms Conference System is specifically designed for extra-large conference rooms. Featuring a UVC86 intelligent multi-camera system, MCore Pro mini-PC, MTouch Plus touch panel, AVHub, BYOD-Extender, RoomSensor, and WPP30 4K wireless presentation pod, this bundle delivers a fully immersive meeting experience that caters to both remote and on-site participants.

Key Features

  • Multiple Cameras
    Seamlessly integrate and manage multiple cameras for comprehensive coverage.
  • Camera Layout Adjustment
    Easily configure camera views to suit meeting requirements.
  • Wireless Content Sharing and BYOD
    Share presentations and content wirelessly from personal devices.
  • Device Management
    User-friendly controls for efficient system configuration and maintenance.
  • Multi-Screen Control
    Manage content on multiple screens for immersive meetings.
  • Divisible Conference Room
    Adapt the physical conference room for various meeting sizes.
  • Third-Party DSP
    Integrates high-quality audio processing for clear and interference-free sound.
  • Multi-Camera IntelliFrame
    Automatically focuses on active speakers for an engaging meeting experience.

Designed for extra large meeting rooms

This comprehensive package includes the high-performance Mini-PC MCore Pro, the intuitive MTouch Plus touch panel, smart 4K PTZ UVC86 cameras, and an AVHub designed especially for audio and video processing. The AVHub excels at adjusting screen layouts and delivers Yealink’s exclusive multi-camera solution, capable of accommodating up to nine (9) connected cameras simultaneously. It enables multi-speaker tracking with voice activation features, catering to the audio and video conferencing needs of various large and super-sized meeting rooms, classrooms, and training spaces.

The MVC S90 package comes with two (2) UVC86 cameras as standard, supporting 12x optical zoom and intelligent tracking. Using the MTouch Plus control panel and Yealink RoomConnect, you can gain independent camera control and layout switching. For added versatility, you can pair the MVC S90 with the included MVC-BYOD-Extender. A simple USB connection to your PC grants you full access to the audio and video equipment of the entire system, effectively transforming your Microsoft Teams meeting room into a multifunctional space. By linking multiple MVC S90 series products through a network cable, you can create a flexible conference room system that can be easily merged or divided as needed.

Multi-cam solution, flexible layout

Leveraging the AVHub audio and video processor, Yealink brings to life a multi-camera solution that accommodates up to nine (9) Yealink cameras. Users have the flexibility to manage these cameras independently via the MTouch Plus interface or seamlessly blend the output videos from multiple cameras, customising the layout to their preferences. By connecting multiple sets of the MVC S90 series through network cables, you can effortlessly construct a conference room system that offers versatile configuration options, allowing for easy integration and partitioning as needed.

Big and flexible conference control experience

The Yealink third-generation touch panel, known as MTouch Plus, stands out as an iconic product in Yealink’s third-generation lineup. Featuring an expansive 11.6-inch narrow-frame touch interface, it brings innovation to the forefront by enabling the simultaneous control of multiple panels. This empowers users to strategically position panels based on the unique requirements of their conference room, offering complete control over the entire conference process.

Intelligent tracking to free your hands

The Yealink UVC86 intelligent PTZ camera boasts a range of versatile tracking functions, including Auto-framing, Speaker Tracking, and Presenter Tracking. Speaker Tracking within the UVC86 introduces region-triggered functionality without the need for manual operation, ensuring automatic framing of the speaker. It also offers the convenience of gesture-based ON/OFF control, making it adaptable to various scenarios. With the Yealink camera plug-in controller, users can effortlessly switch between up to nine (9) preset positions and rapidly toggle between preset tracking modes with just a single adjustment, resulting in seamless positioning. The UVC86 camera delivers 4K video output and features a 12x optical zoom lens, ensuring the capture of crisp, distortion-free images. With its ability to faithfully recreate every moment and detail, the UVC86 promises an intelligent, face-to-face meeting experience marked by smooth and precise video quality.

Flexible audio, flexible connectivity

Users have the flexibility to choose between wired microphones (VCM35, VCM38 Ceiling microphone) or wireless options (VCM36-W, CPW65) for their audio needs (microphones sold separately, see accessories tab). This adaptability ensures compatibility with a variety of conference room setups, whether it’s for desktop placement or ceiling mounting. Yealink’s distinctive sound processing algorithm dynamically eradicates reverberation and background noise in real-time, effectively eliminating unwanted interference to deliver crystal-clear audio quality at all times. Furthermore, the Yealink MVC S90 system collaborates seamlessly with third-party manufacturers, such as Biamp, Nureva, Shure, and YAMAHA, allowing for easy integration of their devices into the conference system. This means you can leverage a wide range of complementary audio solutions to enhance your conference experience.

Convenient screen sharing and fast BYOD solution

The MVC S90 brings robust support for Yealink’s exclusive WPP30 wireless screen sharing solution and compatible third-party alternatives. This offers participants the utmost flexibility during meetings. Sharing content is a breeze, as users simply need to plug in the WPP30 device or pair with a third-party screen sharing solution to initiate content sharing with a single click. With an impressive 1080P resolution and a smooth 30 frames per second, it delivers a high-quality platform for sharing content, ensuring that users can present their materials in the best possible way. Additionally, through WPP30, users can seamlessly implement the wireless BYOD function, catering to the diverse needs of modern conference rooms. This comprehensive feature set truly enables you to tailor your conference room experience to your preferences, ensuring that your meetings are both efficient and engaging.

Simple to deploy, easy to use

The Yealink audio and video system has been purposefully crafted for video meeting rooms, featuring a VCH port and USB port that facilitate effortless expansion of your deployment. The design offers flexibility, ensuring that your setup can be seamlessly extended to meet your evolving needs. Furthermore, Yealink’s MCore Pro incorporates a cable management feature that guarantees stable wire connections, enabling optimal deployment in accordance with your meeting room layout. With just one CAT5e cable, you can effortlessly connect the TV area to the conference table area, facilitating both data transmission and power supply without the need for additional power sources or extension cables. This streamlined approach simplifies deployment and effectively trims deployment costs, making it a cost-effective and efficient choice for your video conferencing needs.

Manage your devices remotely

This solution seamlessly integrates with the Yealink Device Management Platform/Cloud Service, offering you the ability to efficiently oversee, monitor, configure, update, and diagnose all Yealink audio and video device peripherals remotely.

Standard Warranty: 2-Years

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Yealink MVC S90 Large Room System (No Audio)
Yealink MVC S90 Large Room System (No Audio)

£7,904.67 Inc VAT
(£6,587.23 Ex VAT)
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