Surfaceskins Antibacterial Door Push Plates

Surface Skins Antibacterial Door Push Plates Key Features

  • With easy and quick installation, anybody can install the push plates to their door. The push plates are also easy to removal, with just pulling them off the door
  • The push plates are made to last for 1000 activations, so you wont have to worry about refilling 

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Surfaceskins Antibacterial Door Push Plates Features

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Made to last for 1000 activations
  • Easy removal and refill
  • Kills germs in seconds

What's In The Box

  • Surfaceskins Antibacterial Door Push Plates

100 Activations Of Safety

Surfaceskins Antibacterial Door Push Plates

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The Problem

Studies have demonstrated that up to 80% of infections are transmitted by hands.  Standard door push plates are the perfect breeding ground for infections.

The Solution

the antibacterial door push plates from Surfaceskins are designed to kill any germs deposited on the push pad within seconds.  The push plate secretes an alcohol gel that self disinfects the pad protecting every person that uses the door.

The Surfaceskins Range

The Surfaceskins door push plate range is designed to kill germs in seconds while being visually high impact and informational to users of how to use the product and the benefits of the system.

How Surfaceskins Door Push Plates Work

Surfaceskins can be retrofitted and work just like a normal door push plate. When someone uses the push pad to open a door the contact surface releases a small amount of hospital grade gel to automatically disinfect the surface and reduce the risk of hand contamination for the next person to use the door.

Surfaceskins antibacterial door push plates mimic the effect of someone cleaning the door pad after every person has been through.  Used in conjunction with hand gel dispensers, Surfaceskins can help prevent the spread of germs.

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Benefits Of Surfaceskins Door Push Plates

  • Designed to Kill deposited germs in SECONDS, ready for the next door user, breaking the transmission chain.  Alternative silver & plastic-based products can take many hours to achieve a similar germ kill level.
  • Proven in multiple successful In-Vitro Trials, with excellent performance data.
  • Complements existing infection control measures.
  • Shows your customers & staff that you care about infection control and hand hygiene, via a high visibility product.
  • Standardises cleaning in key areas & designed to help with HAI’s target rates.
  • Low cost, retro-fit system, with globally patented & proven technology. Recycled plastic components.

Surfaceskins door push pads have been assessed and published by the journal of hospital infection and were found to reduce bacteria colonies:


Surfaceskins Antibacterial Door Push Plates Frequently Asked Questions

The Surfaceskins Antibacterial Door Push Plates are simple and fast to install. Take the push plate and remove the sticky backing at the top and the bottom of the plate. Then push the plate onto the door and get the pad out of its packaging, place the pad onto the dedicated area and push until it clicks. 

Pack Size

Small (2 holders & 10 pads), Large (12 holders & 60 pads, Refill pack of 10 pads, Refill pack of 60 pads