iR37 Contactless Thermometer For Fever Screening

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The iR37 thermometer system incorporates a 7 inch LCD display with a wide-range dynamic camera that measures and displays a person’s temperature using infrared and algorithm technology.

In-built functions available include: Real-time face recognition, temperature reading, ultrasonic dynamic distance measurement and fever temperature alarm.

It is an adaptable, cost-effective fever screening solution for businesses navigating the ‘New Normal’

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iR37 Non-Contact Face Recognition Thermometer

Imagine an on-site fever screening solution that is affordable and can accurately detect fever and high temperatures in individuals, in the areas you need it most.

The iR37 non-contact facial recognition infrared temperature detection device uses a distance sensor and wide-angle camera to detect and display people’s temperatures from up to 2 metres away.

It can be placed in any indoor environment to allow for quick and safe temperature detection and can be incorporated into automated entry systems, to automatically grant or deny access to people, depending on their temperature.

The iR37 biometric thermometer has a fully-customisable interface which allows you to choose the temperature range for access as well as the messages the unit provides when an acceptable or unacceptable temperature is detected.

  • Face Recognition: Adopts the global leading face recognition algorithm to detect a human face, with adjustable thresholds, which can support face recognition (off by default) even when an individual maybe wearing a mask. The information stored (for identity retrieval) is the property of the owner of the equipment and is not shared with any third party.
  • Temperature detection: is carried out by a medical accuracy non-touch infrared body temperature detection module.
  • Industry initiative: ultrasonic real-time dynamic distance sensor to ensure the most effective temperature capturing distance.
  • Customisable safe temperature range: The safe temperature range can be customised. When the temperature is abnormal, the system will automatically display and alarm you and the individual. It will deny access to any area or space the person is trying to enter.
  • Mature Technology: Adopts the mature industrial graded Android RK3288 main board, a powerful platform to ensure stable operation of the device.
  • Wide-range dynamic camera and LED flash: ensures clear image capture even in low light environments.
  • Includes SDK secondary development package (free of charge) so you can integrate your iR37 Thermometer into your own applications e.g. – Support for standard door opening output signal, RS485, switching amount, your staff and visitor fever screening solution can transmit data to other access/refusal logging control equipment and/or datasets. 
  • Supports cloud and/or local identification, including site/ GDPR/ local laws.
  • Supports the storage of more than 10,000 faces, supports live detection, and recognition speed is typically ~ 0.4sec.
  • Various installation options available: wall hanging, desk-mounted, and free-standing.
Syspal ir37 thermometer covid secure workplace

“We deployed 2 x iR37 thermometers to enable our 200 strong work force to return to the workplace safely.”

 – Lee Bowden (https://syspal.com)

Frequently Asked Questions

Ten (10) devices can be connected to any one server/ PC ring

Yes, each device may be set for any IP/Subnet/Gateway via the on-screen menu

No, RS485 is the default communications or over Ethernet (IP control)

Users may set a password for each device independently so each unit may be different if needed.

No, all information is located wherever the client directs, no access by manufacturer or chip providers.

No, the camera is German in origin

All data is stored on the clients PC/Server or their private cloud as they may choose.

Any upgrades are provided as a zip file to clients who can upload across to the devices via their own network protocols or directly via USB.

Yes in a language/ voiceover of your choice – e.g. “thirty six point five”

Yes, but we advise only one line for clarity – e.g. “welcome to ABC Company”

Yes, a welcome, instruction message and post-reading message is possible.

Yes, wholly customisable for voice and/or text – e.g. “please report to security or contact health duty officer…please call HR and go home…”

Yes, e.g. “This unit does not record or store your image”

Yes, if aligned to an employee ID tag, fob, smart card etc.

Yes, if configured to do so and if allowed to under GDPR, Employee or similar rules the client site/company is subject to.

Yes, the unit can simply read any individuals temperature and allow/ deny access.

iR37 thermometer Fever Screening UK

iR37 Thermometer Specs

Facial Recognition
System Spec OS Android 6.0
CPU RK3288
Flash EMMC 8GB
LCD 7 Inch IPS 800×480 Resolution
CTP G&G Capacitive touch panel (glass to glass)
Camera Monocular Camera: RMB 2 mega pixel,
wide dynamic range (WDR 115db),
additional backlight/flash for low light
ambient environments.
Option – Binocular Cameras (custom pricing)
Option – 3D Structure Light (custom pricing)
Live Detection Supported for real-time – off by default
Back-up light LED White, RGB camera back-up light
WiFi 802.11b/g/n,2.4GHz
Ethernet 10M/100M Self-sensing
Speaker Speaker 4Ω/1W
Dimensions External (mm) 153(W)x 284(H)x 31(D)
Working Environment Working Temp -20 to +55°C
Humidity 10 ~ 90% (Non-condensing)
Power Source Power 12V/3A
Adaptor Input AC 220V, Output DC 12V/3A
Connectors Power, Ethernet, USB, RS485
Ultrasonic Detector
Range 0.3m to 2.0m
Precision ±1cm
Speed Typically 25ms
Test Standard Conforms to IEC61000-4-2 Electrostatic Protection standard
Infrared Thermometer
Resolution 32 x 32
View Angle 33° x 33°
Test Distance 0.5-1metre (optimal test distance 500 mm, Ambient temp 16°C-35°C)
Precision ±0.3°C
Optional Accessories
Supporting Brackets Wall bracket / Desk Mount / Free standing pole & Base
Mounting Option

No Mount Required, Wall Mount, Desktop Mount, Pillar & Base Mount

1 Year Return to Base Warranty

What’s In The Box

x1 IR37 Thermometer System with Built in IR Sensor

x1 Power Supply