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IPEVO Totem 180

  • 180° Panoramic Conference Camera
  • Two Microphones with Noise Reduction
  • 16-ft (5-m) Audio Pickup
  • AI Stage Auto Framing
  • Adjustable Angle of View

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Key Features

  • 180° Panoramic Conference Camera
  • Two Microphones with Noise Reduction
  • 16-ft (5-m) Audio Pickup
  • AI Stage Auto Framing
  • Adjustable Angle of View

What's In The Box

  • IPEVO TOTEM 180 with attached Type-C USB cable (5.9 ft)

Enquire About This Product

IPEVO Totem 180

180° Video and Sound

Hybrid Meetings with TOTEM 180

Create a highly efficient and immersive meeting environment and bring teams together in an instant.

IPEVO TOTEM 180 is a unique, portable conferencing camera, that can be instantly deployed in the meeting room where it’s needed.

ipevo totem 180 panel
ipevo totem 180 uk
ipevo totem 180 presenter
ipevo totem 180 meeting

Full room view

ipevo totem 180 specifications

Video Stitching Technology

Capture the whole room via two 4 MP cameras that provide a seamlessly stitched 180° view, free of spatial distortion.

ipevo totem 180 video stitching
ipevo totem 180 full view

180° Full Room View

For standard-sized meeting rooms or up to 8 people.
Place TOTEM 180 at the head of the table, on the side where the conference room screen is located.

120° Small Group View

Mode for huddle rooms or up to 5 people.
The viewing angle of TOTEM 180 can be switched to 120 degrees to get a more narrow and focused view.

ipevo totem 180 small view

Background Noise Reduction

TOTEM 180’s two omnidirectional microphones come with a built-in noise-reduction, which ensures that everyone’s voice is clearly heard on the other end of the online conference.

AI Stage Auto Framing

When the AI Stage is activated, it automatically keeps everyone in front of the camera in the frame. This helps the online participants get the best view of the people present in the meeting room.

Frequently Asked Questions About IPEVO Totem 180

Do I need to install additional software to use IPEVO TOTEM 180?

IPEVO TOTEM 180 is a plug-and-play product that does not require a separate driver or software download and can be used with common video and conferencing software, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and others.

What operating system can I use TOTEM 180 with? What is TOTEM 180 compatible with?

TOTEM 180 is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook operating systems.

What video conferencing software can I use with TOTEM 180?

TOTEM 180 is plug-and-play compatible with Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Line, GoToMeeting, and other standard video apps, on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks.

Why is my screen narrower than the 180-degree panoramic view?

Please check the colour of the second LED on the front of your camera. If it is yellow, it means it is currently in 120-degree mode. Please press and hold the yellow button on the camera body for 3 seconds until the LED turns blue. This switches the camera mode to the 180-degree panorama mode.

How can I switch off the automatic screen adjustment (AI image auto framing)?

Please press the yellow button on the camera body once to turn the AI auto image framing on/off. When this function is turned off, the top LED indicator on the camera’s front will go off as well.

The camera wasn't detected by my computer

Please try to reconnect the USB cord or try to use another USB port on your computer. If the problem persists, please try connecting TOTEM 180 to another computer. If TOTEM 180 remains undetected, please contact customer support.

The image from TOTEM 180 has a water ripple-like effect.

The power frequency is set to 60Hz by default. When used in a 50Hz area, the ripple effect might appear. This can be solved by downloading IPEVO’s free addon CamControl and changing the refresh rate to 50Hz in the Advanced settings.

My IPEVO TOTEM 180 doesn't respond when I connect it to my computer.

TOTEM 180 is powered through the USB connection and requires a dedicated USB 3.0 (USB-C port or USB-A 3.0) on the computer. Connection via USB-A Hub is not supported.

My computer does not have a Type-C port, can I still use IPEVO TOTEM 180?

Yes, TOTEM 180 requires a dedicated USB 3.0 (USB-C port or USB-A 3.0) on the computer. Connection via USB-A Hub is not supported.
IPEVO TOTEM 180 consumes up to 4.5W. USB Type-A 2.0 does not provide sufficient power.

Why does the image provided by TOTEM 180 sometimes go black, and sometimes it's normal but unstable?

Please make sure that TOTEM 180 is connected to a USB 3.0 port (USB-C port or USB-A 3.0) or higher. Connection via USB-A Hub or USB 2.0 is not supported.

Why is the IPEVO TOTEM 180 not responding when I press the camera control button while IPEVO EyeStage or IPEVO Visualiser software is running?

When IPEVO EyeStage or IPEVO Visualiser software is running, it takes control of the camera mode selection. In such cases, any adjustments need to be done via software.

What is IPEVO EyeStage™?

EyeStage™ is a video application powered by AI, designed specifically for the IPEVO TOTEM conferencing camera series. It provides complete control of how your hybrid conference or online presentation is displayed, along with automatic camera control and video modes powered by AI. It also offers basic image settings, such as adjustment of brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc.

Is EyeStage™ free?

EyeStage™ is free software. You can download it from IPEVO’s website.

Does EyeStage™ work with other cameras than the IPEVO TOTEM series?

To use EyeStage™, you require an IPEVO TOTEM or IPEVO document camera connected to your computer. Afterward, you can select other camera sources to use as primary or secondary video sources.

How to display the image provided by EyeStage™ in Microsoft Teams, ZOOM, Google Meets, and other conferencing apps?

Select IPEVO TOTEM 180 as the video source in EyeStage™.
Then, select “IPEVO EyeStage™ Camera” from the camera menu in the conferencing app of your choice.
For example, in Zoom start or join a meeting, and then click on the caret symbol next to the video camera icon.
Then select IPEVO EyeStage™ Camera in the drop-down menu.

Why is the image quality worse when using the IPEVO EyeStage™ Camera in a conferencing app?

Since IPEVO EyeStage™ Camera is a virtual camera, the image resolution is limited to 720p.


Manufacturer part #: 5-906-2-08-00

EAN: 4712098412110

Warranty: 2 years

Compatible with: All softphones

Camera resolution: 4K

Camera field of view: 360°

Camera Features: Auto Framing and Tracking

Other Features: Built in Microphones, PC/Mac Compatible, Softphone Compatible, All in One, MAC compatible, Noise Reduction, Compatible with Tripod, Portable

Size: 72 x 72 x 255 mm

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IPEVO Totem 180

£235.61 Inc VAT
(£196.34 Ex VAT)
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