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Edbak Proscreen Plexi – Coronavirus Protection Screen For Staff

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Across the country, leading retailers are installing thousands of perspex sneeze guards to protect their staff from COVID-19.

Every business has key frontline workers that deal with hundreds of people a day and struggle to keep the recommended 2m distance.

If your business is operational and needs staff to communicate face to face with others then installing a plastic cashier screen like an Edbak Proscreen is a really cost-effective way to protect people

Edbak Proscreen perspex sneeze guard
Edbak Proscreen sneeze guard

Protecting staff during Coronavirus is vital if your business employes key workers who cannot avoid everyday contact with other people.

An Edbak Proscreen is a perfect portable sneeze guard to protect your staff.


  • Increase hygiene and safety in the workplace
  • Are made from safe, transparent plexiglass
  • Are easy to disinfect and clean

Where it can be used

perspex sneeze guard

A sneeze guard can protect frontline key workers like receptionists and cafe staff.

shop cashier sneeze guard

Cashiers are the lifeblood of shops & supermarkets being able to feed the nation and can have their exposure to infection minimised by installing Edbak Proscreen’s at tills.

doctor surgery reception acrylic sneeze guard
Doctor’s Surgeries

GP receptionists can benefit from an Edbak Proscreen Plexi.  Installing one in portrait mode into all GP consulting rooms can add an extra layer of protection for GP’s

office plastic sneeze guard

Open Plan offices with desks opposite each other can still foster collaboration if plastic sneeze guards are installed between desks.

plastic screen petrol station
Petrol Stations

With more people using petrol stations to buy essentials, Edbak Proscreen’s can protect cashiers

factory workers perspex sneeze guard

Face-to-face workers on a production line can be protected from infection by installing plastic sneeze guards.

School Staff Plastic sneeze guard

Protecting teachers while they educate the children of key workers can be achieved by having access to portable sneeze guards.

Perspex Screen for Pharmacy Staff

Pharmacy workers go face-to-face with infected patients. Installing Edbak Proscreens can protect pharmacists and cashiers.

Key Benefits Of Portable Sneeze Guards

perspex sneeze guards increase hygiene
Improves Hygiene

Not only does a portable sneeze guard protect against droplets spreading disease but also serves as a reminder to keep the recommended 2m distance.

portable sneeze guard to stop direct contact
Stops Direct Contact

Keeping a distance between people with a transparent screen reminds people about how they should be acting around others.

transparent sneeze guard

It is made from transparent plexiglass so there is no barrier to communication.

cleaning perspex sneeze guard
Easy To Clean

Plastic sneeze guards are simple to disinfect and clean regularly to keep hygiene standards high.

Edbak Proscreen Sizes and Mounting Options

Edbak Proscreen Plexi is available in two sizes:

➡ 75cm x 100cm x 4mm (HxWxD)
➡ 50cm x 75cm x 4mm (HxWxD)


It has two mounting options:

➡ Proscreen_1 –  desk clamp
➡ Proscreen_2 –  free-standing legs

portable sneeze guards uk

If you’re looking where to buy a plastic sneeze guard, portable sneeze guard or a cashier infection protection screen then an Edbak Proscreen is a great portable sneeze guard to help protect your staff and key workers from infection.


100 cm x 75 cm x 4 mm (HxWxD)
75 cm x 50 cm x 4 mm (HxWxD)

(Plexiglass can be installed either Horizontally or vertically)


Mount Options:

desk clamp
free-standing handle