Edbak Proclean: Hand Sanitiser dispenser (free-standing or wall mounted)

Automatic Hand Disinfection

The new series of ProClean products has been created for hand disinfection in public spaces. The timeless design and solid construction allows it to fit into any surrounding.

ProClean is available in two versions: free-standing and wall-mounted, and in two colours: metallic and white.

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Where it can be used

Edbak ProsClean’s can protect frontline key workers like receptionists and cafe staff.

Cashiers are the lifeblood of supermarkets being able to feed the nation and can have their exposure to corona-virus minimised by installing Edbak ProClean’s at entrances.

Doctors Surgeries
GP receptionists can benefit from an Edbak ProClean. Installing one into all GP consulting rooms can add an extra layer of protection for GP’s

Open Plan offices can protect staff if Edbak ProClean’s are installed at the entrance and social areas.

Petrol Stations
With more people using petrol stations to buy essentials, Edbak ProClean’s can protect cashiers

Factories often have people working face to face on production lines. Protect them by installing Edbak ProCleans on the factory floor.

As teachers are teaching the children of keyworkers, having access to Edbak ProClean’s at classroom doors can allow teachers to work safely with the children.

Keeping pharmacies open is vital during a pandemic. Installing Edbak ProClean’s to protect pharmacists and cashiers can keep the prescriptions flowing.

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