ASUS – Google Meet Hardware – Large Room Kit

Asus Google Meet Large Key Features

  • With the anit-glare 10.1-inch touchscreen, you an control your meeting without having to leave your seat. From starting a call, meeting, join a meeting and view your scheduled meetings.
  • The kits offers a 360° voice input and output from up to 20 feet, meaning that everyone in the room, no matter where they are, can be heard with the kit. For an even larger room, you can daisy chain up to 5 Speakermics. 
  • The Ultra HD camera give an ultra wide FOV, 120°, with a 4K image sensor that supports digital zoom. Making your meeting look professional with high quality images.

**Price includes the required 12 month Google Meet licence.**


£2,811.97 Inc VAT

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ASUS Google Hardware Large Room Kit Features

  • anti glare 10.1″ touchscreen
  • 360° voice input
  • Compact Meet compute system
  • daisy chain up to 5 speakermics

What's In The Box

  • ASUS Google Meet Compute System
  • PTZ Pro2 Camera
  • SpeakreMic
  • Touchscreen Control Panel

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Google Meet Hardware UK

Designed To Create Great Google Meet Rooms

Makes meetings easier

Meet hardware brings the same reliable, easy-to-join video meeting experience of Meet to the conference room.

Its curated set of components work together end-to-end to make engaging HD meetings affordable and headache-free.

For every conference room

Meet hardware scales to any size conference room.

Shine in huddle rooms with a wide field of view camera. Or, expand to larger rooms with the optical zoom of a mechanical pan-tilt-zoom camera.

Daisy chain multiple speakermics together with a single cable for high-quality audio across any size table.

Easy to set up, easy to manage

In just minutes, you can set up Meet hardware and connect with your team, whether they’re on another floor or in another country.

The hardware kit can even self-diagnose any issues, and it automatically updates the firmware of all the components to the latest version to ensure the best video experience, always. Remote device monitoring and management make it easy for administrators to stay in control, too.

ASUS Google Meet Hardware Large Room Frequently Asked Questions

The Google Meet hardware is a video conferencing system that allows you to join and create meeting. The hardware also has features such as Google Calendar integration, device management and screen sharing. 

Setting up the ASUS Google Meet Hardware Large is easy, you will just need to connect the other components to the Meeting Computer System. Make sure that where you set the Meeting Computer System is in a place that isn’t  tightly compact so the air vents are clear of any objects. Furthermore the Meeting Computer System can be set up using the standing mount. 

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ASUS – Google Meet hardware kit – Large Room Kit

NEW: ASUS – Google Meet Compute System
4GB Memory, an 8th-generation Intel® CoreTM i7 processor

Crystal clear 360° sound input/output up to 20ft, active echo cancellation and background noise management

Crisp HD 1080p video, 10X optical zoom, and mechanical pan-tilt-zoom

10.1”, 1280×800 touch display with HDMI for full HD presenting from computer

Automatic firmware updates and self-diagnosis/repair capability

The auto update expiration date: June 2025