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Our Recommended Meeting Room Equipment For 2022

Video conferencing has taken over our lives for the past two years. And with the AV market ever growing, it can be a challenge trying to find the right equipment. That not only suits your wants and needs, but each device being high quality to deliver a high quality meeting. However, now a days its not just about buying the best camera with 4K quality or a microphone with 360° pickup. You now have to think about the platforms you’re using, Zoom, Teams or Google Meet. They all have the basic job of connecting people via video, but people definitely have their favourite. That’s where meeting room solution kits come into the game. 
With it now nearing the end of the year and there being lots of new equipment, there’s still a lot to think about when buying meeting room equipment. To make things easier for you, here are our recommended meeting room equipment for 2022.

Our Recommended Meeting Room Equipment For 2022 - zoom rooms blog

For Zoom Rooms

With many different video conferencing platforms, finding the right one that works for you can seem a bit pointless. Considering they all do the same thing. But with Zoom Rooms, you can conference simply and seamlessly. All you have to do is install the equipment and get to conferencing. Zoom handling the rest.

If you don’t know what Zoom Rooms is, it is basically turning your small, medium or large meeting room into a Zoom based room. Making Zoom meetings just as simple tap away. And that’s all it takes to start a Zoom call with Zoom Room kits. It integrates all the necessary meeting room equipment with Zoom software. So if you’re a dedicated Zoom platform user, purchasing Zoom Room kits is a big benefit to not only upgrading your meeting room, but upgrading your meetings and making it an easier task for you and your colleagues. Zoom Room kits can totally transform your meeting room, taking once an old, forgotten meeting room to a collaborative, easy to manage space to hold all your meetings.

Its more than just room to room conferencing, it makes video conferencing external colleagues or business partners easy. Zoom Room kits don’t only accommodate huddle spaces and medium to large meeting rooms, but they also offer separate touch screen displays and scheduling displays for your meeting rooms. Zoom being able to fully kit out your meeting. They have teamed up with many big named brand to bring you the best meeting room kit possible: Logitech, Yealink, DTEN, Neat, Poly, all covering small to large rooms.

Yealink ZVC500 Zoom Room Meeting Kit 

If Zoom Rooms sounds like the best fit to your meetings, the Yealink ZVC500 is the best kit for you. With high quality devices, your meetings will be transformed with just a few connections. This video conferencing kit comes includes:

  • Yealink UVC50 PTZ Camera
  • CP960 Conference Phone
  • MCore Mini-PC

A kit that includes all of your needs, taking the difficulty out of upgrading your meeting room. The ZVC500 is packed full of qualities to help you conference better. This kit is specifically designed for medium sized rooms but with a 5x optical zoom, 4k camera, and a 360° voice pickup range. It’s easy for the ZVC500 to fit in with your small or even your huddle room. 

Yealink UVC50 Camera

The UVC50 camera makes this video conferencing equipment. It has to be in top condition to bring perfect meetings. The camera includes a pan range of 60°, a tilt range of 40° and a 91° field of view. So with these qualities alongside a powerful 4K camera to capture you and several other colleagues in a meeting. It shows that the UVC50 camera is just the camera to capture everyone in a medium sized meeting. Plus it shows that Zoom have chosen the right brand and equipment to better your meetings. Furthermore, the UVC50 includes auto framing with 60 frame rate. A perfect combination to give the best angle and the clearest picture. 


Yealink CP960

Having high quality audio is important. Participants at both ends need equipment to be able to hear every thought and idea clearly. The CP960 is the perfect addition to the ZVC500 room kit.

If you only have the choice of one meeting room for all of your meetings, no matter the size, then the CP960 will still work in your meeting room. With a 5″ capacitive touchscreen display and 360° voice pickup range, you can place the device anywhere on your meeting room table. So if you are using your one meeting room for a huddle sized meeting. You can easily place the CP960 on the table where you and your colleague or colleagues are sitting.

However, if you are using that one meeting room for your medium sized meeting and the meeting room table is full. The CP960 Conference Phone can still pick up you and your colleagues voices. Plus with Yealink Noiseproof technology, you voices will be the only thing that the CP960 will pick up. Putting across crystal clear audio to your external participants. Blocking out any unwanted and distracting noises. 

MCore Mini-PC

The MCore Mini-PC is the heart of the ZVC500. The heart that makes the UVC50 camera and the CP960 Conference Phone run smoothly. The 8th Gen Intel Quad-Core Processor and 128GB storage, lets you do just that. This is the heart as everything in the ZVC500 kit connects to the MCore Mini-PC. Now this may sound like a messy bit of the equipment, but the MCore has built in cable management. Stopping any cables from overlapping and confusing anyone who may need to unplug something. Not only that but keeping, wherever you put the Mini-PC, tidy. Alongside this, the MCore has a security slot. Meaning that it you want your MCore to stay in its designated space. The security slot feature will stop anyone from unplugging anything from the MCore and moving it anywhere. 

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For Google Meet

Just like Zoom Rooms, Google Meet has full kits for specific meeting room sizes. From stand alone displays to full kits including a camera, speaker and microphones. Google Meet room solutions integrates the Google Meet software into the meeting room equipment so you can quickly set the equipment up and start your scheduled meetings. Not only does the equipment make for quick meetings but the equipment also works alongside Google G Suite Calendar. So if you are working from home today but tomorrow you are going back to the office to have some meetings. You can easily schedule your meeting for the time you would like, from your home. The scheduled meeting will then be logged on the Google Meet Room equipment, ready for your meeting tomorrow and not letting any double booking of the room happen.

Google Meet has worked with big brands to accomplish video conferencing equipment for better meetings. From Logitech, Lenovo Series One Kits, ASUS Kits and Avocor, Google Meet can be used across a wide range of video conferencing equipment.  

Google Meet Series One Board 65

The Google Meet Board 65 from Avocor is one of the newest products to the Google Meet Series One kits. This board is perfect for small and medium sized meetings, letting you wheel the Board out to the any spot in the room and then wheel back in again when your meeting has finished. Keeping the meeting room clean and tidy. The Board is basically a modernised Jamboard, just on a 4K, 65″ screen with a viewing angle of 178°. Bringing the Jamboard experience to a whole new level. All while making sure that everybody can see what is being shown on the display.

This interactive Board is meant to be released early next year, making it our recommended device for sharing, creating, presenting and video conferencing for small and medium sized meetings.   

Video Conferencing 

Board 65 is made for video conferencing, bringing external and internal colleagues and business partners together. The Board 65 makes it simple for people to hold their meetings. So simple that you wont have to go out to buy a camera, speaker or microphone as it all comes with the board. Everything in one place, with the technology of a digital PTZ camera and microphone arrays. The Board not only bringing Google Meet software to your room but effective sound and video quality for high quality meetings.

The layout of the device is easy to use with a simple tap of a button to start your scheduled meeting, bring up the whiteboard and start a meeting all together. Video conferencing can be made collaborative with the whiteboarding feature, allowing you to bring the whiteboard up during a video conference. This will simply push the grid layout of every external participant to the side while the whiteboard takes place front and centre. Still letting you converse with each other, while creating on the whiteboard.

The Board is jam packed of features, big and small, making the board the best thing for bringing collaboration into your meeting rooms. The device is tilt optimized for a natural writing angle, making it comfortable for anybody and everybody to create and annotate. The whiteboarding feature allows multiple people to use the whiteboard at once, making bigger ideas happen on the spot, the Board comes with two stylus pens so that this collaboration can happen. This isn’t only for participants in the meeting room but for those participating over Google Meet. As they can create on the whiteboard while someone else is as well. 

board 65 cart
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For Teams Room

Have a clean and professional meeting room with equipment dedicated to Teams. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your equipment will all work seamlessly together. Teams has worked with big brands such as Logitech, Yealink, Poly and Crestron. Giving you high quality meetings using the Teams software. Upgrading your meeting room to a Teams Room allows you and your participants to use the Surface Hub. The Surface Hub is a place where everyone can share, create and collaborate on any piece of content, this content can be shared with the access to Microsoft 365 files. Making it easy for you to pull a document from the files and bring it to everyone’s attention, allowing your meeting to run smoothly without any sharing hiccups. 

Alongside creating a perfect Team meeting, the Teams equipment uses the Microsoft Calendar to book meeting rooms and schedule meetings. A great addition for businesses that only have a few meeting rooms as everyone can go into the calendar and see what room they can use for their meeting and when they can use it. Not only that but by having a controller panel with your Teams Room kit, your meeting will be shown on the controller. So you can start your meeting with a tap of a button.   

Yealink MVC840 Microsoft Teams For Large Room

This kit, we feel, is perfect for your larger meetings, holding the specs to capture a space with more than eight people. The MVC840 kit includes:

  • Yealink UVC84 Camera
  • MTouch II Touch Panel
  • 2x VCM34 Array Microphones
  • Yealink Soundbar
  • WPP20 Wireless Presentation Pod

Each device brings a new level to your meetings, constantly making your meetings better. From the audio to the video, the MVC84 is tailored to bring your Teams meetings to life.

Yealink UVC84 Camera

The UVC84 camera is a powerful 4K, auto framing camera with a 12x optical zoom. Easily making sure that everyone is included in the meeting.  These features turn the camera into a clever device as it can recognise how many people are in the meeting. Plus using its auto framing technology to adjust the camera and set it to the right frame. You may now be thinking that the camera may disrupt your meeting if anyone new enters. With it having to adjust to fit them in the meeting. But the camera has a smooth mechanical pan, tilt and zoom, meaning that the camera will adjust quietly without projecting an mechanical noises through to your external participants. By having this automatic adjusting feature, it also stops any one else in a different meeting from grabbing at the camera. The UVC84 camera always being in the place you need it.  

yealink uvc84

Yealink VCM34 Array Microphones

Capturing everyone’s voices in a meeting can be difficult. But the VCM34 array microphones have no problem with making everyone heard. With a 360°, 20ft (6 meters) audio pickup range. Even the person right at the very end of the table will be picked up clearly. The MVC84 kit including two VCM34 microphones, you can easily chain the microphones together and have a microphone at either end of the table. 

If you meeting room is located in a bit of a noisy environment, you main focus can be to buy equipment that guarantees crystal clear voice pickup. The VCM34 comes with Yealink’s Noise Proof technology, giving you that guarantee you want. This technology pushes out any noises that can disrupt your meeting, blocking out any noises that aren’t voices. Keeping you the main focus of the meeting. 

Yealink MTouch II Touch Panel

There’s a simple way to control your meeting. This 8-inch touchscreen controller lets you start your meeting from a single tap. The device has a human motion sensor, so it really is only one tap to start your meetings. From this touch panel you can see your scheduled meetings, start a new meeting and present to your room display. You can share your content through this device wirelessly or wired. Giving you the control on how you want to share. Plus, being able to share wirelessly can be a time saver. Meaning you wont have to waste time in finding the right cable and connecting your device. It also stops the table from looking messy with a handful of cables.

Furthermore, the MTouch has an angle adjustable bracket. So you can place and adjust the touch panel wherever you want it to be. The touch panel can be sat on the table for easy accessibility or it can be mounted on the wall for a more room controller feel.  

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