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Our Full Review Of The Google Meet Series One Board 65

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Kitting out your meeting room can be a tough task. Finding the right equipment is the main task. But you then have to think about finding the right equipment for your specific meeting room. Its a full equation, that takes time. From finding the right camera to getting everyone into frame. Finding the right soundbar so everyone can hear what is being said and finding the right room display so everyone can see what is being shared and created. That’s where the Google Meet Series One Board 65 comes into play, being the answer to your problems.
Google Meet and Avocor have partnered up to create this interactive, all-in-one meeting room display. Ticking the boxes of people who want to encourage collaboration in their meetings. The 65″ Board is an interactive display encouraging creative collaborations in small and medium sized meetings. Not only does the Board act as a meeting room display, but the it has an integrated camera, mic array and speakers. This collaboration being done to make creating your meeting rooms a quick and simple process. Its really a no brainer.

Now the Google Meet Board 65 may already sound like a dream, but the Board brings so much more to the table than being just a meeting room display. Google and Avocor have packed the display to the brim with features, big and small, to help you get the best meeting possible.

Main Features

The Series One Board is loaded with features to ensure you a smooth running meeting. With the option for creative specks to shine through. From quick laptop connection for instant sharing and device control. To Avocor Intelligent Touch that allows multiple people to draw on the display at once. Without any lagging. Plus, you don’t have to just use the stylus. This feature is smart, it can recognise the difference between the stylus and you using your fingers. Meaning you can create the way you want, the Board fitting too your wants and needs.

That isn’t the only thing that the Board can recognise. Alongside Intelligent Touch, the Board has presence sense detection. This means that when people enter the meeting room, the Board will sense this and automatically power on. Letting you focus on the meeting at hand, without having to stall while the display turns up. 

This board really is perfect for those impromptu meetings that pop up out of nowhere. You wont have to waste time setting up the camera, the speakers and the soundbar. Its just a easy plug-and-play. Furthermore, you can simply walk into a meeting and activate the Board by saying “Hey Google”. With this the board with automatically power on and be ready for your ideas and meetings. Just like the Google Meet Series One Desktop 27″, the 65″ Board fits into Google aesthetics. With the a sleek and narrow display, using white and grey as its main colours. Being able to fit into any meeting room, no matter how you have decorated.


Running with Google’s aesthetic, the Series One Board has a clean and professional home screen. Clean as the home page is so easy to navigate, everything you need is on the first page. So, if you walk into a meeting and use the voice activation feature, “Hey Google”. The Board will turn on and show you a screen that presents your scheduled meetings and a group of boxes on the left hand side of the screen. These boxes act as buttons so you can start a meeting, join a call, use the whiteboard, and have the options to wirelessly present. If you want to look or change your settings, the settings symbol is located in the top right hand corner. Along with the name of your meeting room that the Series One Board is placed in. An easy way for you to schedule meetings to the right Board 65, if you have multiple in different meeting rooms.

Having one screen that connects you to everything makes your meetings even easier. All it takes is one tap with the Google Meet Board. One tap to start a meeting, one tap to create and one tap to share. Google Meet have taken the hassle out of meetings with this board and focused on you using your time for the things that actually matter.

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The 65″ 4K resolution, interactive display has a 178° viewing angle. Gone is the worry of participants not being to see the screen. And creating a headache later on as they have missed vital information. Everyone can sit around the meeting table and clearly see the information presented on the board. Not only this, but the display is anti-glare and has anti-fingerprint glass, so there will be no smudging of hands or fingerprints all over the screen. Furthermore, the screen is capable of auto dimming which is great for not only energy saving but great as the screens brightness will adapt to its environment. Stopping any glaring on the screen and people having to squint to see the display. 

As the Series One Board is made to be used creatively, the whiteboard is one of, or arguably, the most important feature. That’s why Google and Avocor have designed the Board to be tilt optimized. This makes for the perfect writing experience, giving you a natural writing angle. Helping you create better and more efficiently. So with the display tilted at a natural writing angle, paired alongside the anti-glare and anti-fingerprint glass. Annotating has never been easier with an interactive board. 


The all-in-one display comes with an integrated, digital 4K PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) camera. With a 120° field of view for all around capture, no one is left in the dark. With the camera coming with the 65″ Board, there’s no need for you to go out and buy a camera. And have to worry of you buying a camera and it not being compatible with the display. Again, making it easy for you to install the display and get to starting your meeting in no time. The digital camera sits on top of the display giving a perfect view of the room and the people in it. Making your meetings look professional. 

The digital camera includes clever Google AI that automatically puts you into frame. This means that the camera will automatically move and adjust itself to the number of people in the meeting room. Framing everyone perfectly. Because there is nothing worse than needing to have a quick one on one video call, walking into the meeting room with minutes to spare. And then before you start, realising that the camera has been moved. Then with the little time you have left, you have to rush and get yourself into frame before you answer the call. 

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The camera not only catches the right frame and angle, but it includes features to be able to see everyone clearly. It includes auto-focus, brightness and white balance to adjust the picture to the right colour and tone. Giving people on the other end of the meeting a clear view of who they are having the meeting with. Helping keep the perfect view of the participants in the meeting room, therefore keeping the meeting looking professional. 


Being able to hear everyone loud and clear in the meeting is one of the most important things. Without crystal clear sound, there is no point of the meeting. As what you wanted to have a meeting about, can’t be shared across to one another. Google and Avocor recognized this and included Series One TrueVoice. This feature is dedicated to bringing perfect sound to the meeting.

This smart feature can eliminate any background noises that can disrupt your meeting. Showing that Google and Avocor really do care about you getting the best out of your meeting. Not only does TrueVoice block out any ambient noises, it can level out and amplify the voices in the room. So you have the peace of mind knowing that when you are voicing your thoughts and ideas, your voice will be at the right level of sound. And not coming across high pitched and crackly to the participants on the other end of the meeting.

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The point of the Google Board is for people to hold meetings using Google Meet. While being able to express their creativeness within meetings. This is where the whiteboarding feature of the Board comes into play and, as we said before, arguably being the main feature of this display. Google and Avocor wanted to encourage you to create with their Series One products. That’s why the Desktop 27 and the Board 65 both include the whiteboarding feature.

Using The Whiteboard

Using the whiteboard is simple. Going back to the Series One’s screen, the whiteboard can be found on the left hand side of the main page. The whiteboard doesn’t only need to be used by itself, it can be powered up during a meeting. Enhancing collaboration in your meeting room and for participants via Google Meet who can also use the whiteboard. Giving a place for everyone to create new ideas together. You won’t have to worry about losing the participants via Google Meet as a grid of the meeting will be shown in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Still letting you converse while you create together on the whiteboard. 

Alongside the whiteboard, you are also able to use Google’s beloved Jamboard. With the Jamboard app already being downloaded on the Series One Board, it brings back the feel of a Google device. 

Encouraging collaboration further, the Series One Board comes with two stylus pens. Dedicated to whiteboarding. This means that two people can create on the whiteboard using the stylus at the same time. This doesn’t just have to be drawing plans. You can pick up and drop post it notes anywhere on the whiteboard, letting you leave clear notes attached to your drawing. The whiteboard can also be used to draw on top of documents and images, letting you annotate any documents shared during a meeting.

Think of it this way. Imagine being in a meeting and a participant, via Google Meet, shares a document with you and your team and then once the meeting is over, someone expresses their confusion. You can easily bring the shared document back up on the Board. And you can pick apart the document all together. Circle, highlight and underline any important parts of the document. Bringing teamwork to the meeting and stopping any confusion that may be lingering. 


Diving into more of the technical stuff of the Google Board 65, the display doesn’t just look nice and work well in your meeting. It has a lot of technical specs that keep the device running smoothly. With an Intel Core I7 Processor, it turns the Board into high tech device. Going back to taking perfect sound into account, the Board has TrueVoice to complete the job. But behind the scenes, TrueVoice is run by the dedicated TPU (tensor processing unit). This allows the feature to run smoothly and bug free. All while handling the constant AV workload and running the latest Google AI. The dedicated TPU runs all the AI features in the Google Meet Board, this also includes the voice activation feature of “Hey Google”.

The display has a USB-C input and a HDMI 2.1 input. These inputs allow you to quickly connect your laptop and gain control over the Board, while being able to share any files. Not only does this allow you to run your meeting smoothly and share an last minute documents from your laptop. It also lets the other people in the meeting room to join in and feel more involved with the meeting. They can not only share their ideas but back them up with any documents, files, pictures or videos. This then turns the Series One Board into a BOYD (Bring You Own Device) display. Really showing that the Board 65 is capable of anything.

Managing the system can be a back thought for most when buying devices like this. But the Series One Board has a Google Admin console that allows you, as the owner, to remotely manage your device.

In Your Meeting Room

Google Meet wanted this display to be for everybody, so they have made it to fit your room. The Board comes with the option of being mounted on a wall or being placed on a cart, so if you have multiple meeting rooms and can only afford the one Google Meet Board. Buying the board and the mobile cart means you can enjoy the 65″ display in any room. The Board is made for small to medium sized meeting rooms, but it can be used in larger rooms.

If the Board has caught your attention but you’re thinking that it wont fit in to your conference room, then multiple Boards can be used in the same room at the same time. With each display showing different information, letting you spread out your information all around the room. One Board with Google Meet running, showing your participants via video call and the other running the whiteboarding feature, or the Jamboard app, for the people in the conference room to create and annotate.

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Who Can Use The Series One Board?

Well anyone can use the Series One Board, it is compatible with all meeting room sizes. This device can be used in collaboration rooms, huddle spaces, small, medium and large meeting rooms. There is no limit to what the Board can do. With an included camera that can capture 120° around the room, a larger group of people wont stop the camera from adjusting and fitting everyone into frame. Without only thinking of what room the Boar can fit into, the Board offers a lot of great features. And the sole reason of the Board 65 is to be a collaborative meeting room display. So while the display is actually made for small to medium meeting rooms, it doesn’t stop you with the largest meeting room using two, or three, Board 65’s.


The Series One Board is not out yet. But with it meant to come out in the first quarter of 2022 with our selling price of £6,778.80 inc VAT. Its a perfect way to start off a brand new year, by having a brand new piece of equipment for your meeting room. Along with the Series One Board, the package includes:

  • 3m AC Power Cable
  • 3m Ethernet Cable
  • 2m USB-C Cable
  • 2m HDMI Cable
  • 2m USB 3.2 Gen 1 Cable
  • 2x Stylus 

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