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Returning to the office has been challenging for most, and not just for those working from home. Finding the right solution for a meeting room can be tough and with so many options out there it can take time in finding the products that are right for your needs and meeting rooms. With Neat, a new level of design and technology will be introduced to your meetings, whether that’s a large, small, or focus room. Neat’s slimline products span across all types of work spaces, but each of their devices are made to fit the individual needs of a person either working from home, or back working in the office. 
If Neat sounds like something you want to add to your basket, then chat to us by filling out the form or give us a call on (01189) 977 785 to learn more about Neat and how it can introduce a new way of video conferencing into your hybrid workplace.

Neat Bar And Pad

Certified for Zoom and Teams, Neat Bar And Pad easily fits into your meeting room. A sleek audio and video bar that snaps onto your meeting room display the Bar only takes minutes to get to work. The integrated 120° and 4 x digital zoom camera catches every corner of the room. The wide angled camera works perfectly for those bigger meetings.

Although the Bar can be used for bigger sized meeting rooms, it also is a great solution for smaller, brainstorming sized rooms. The automatic framing feature included will cut off the unnecessary view of the room around you. Putting you in centre frame. Not only will the Bar make sure that you are the main focus of your meeting, as you should be, Neat Bar will also re-adjust and re-frame. Making sure that any last minute attendees to the meeting will be added.

  • 120° Camera with 4x digital zoom
  • 5 Microphone array
  • Wide angle tweater
  • Double screen support
  • 4x Digital zoom
  • Dual screen support

Neat Bar And Pad Bundle

Made For Content Sharing

Neat Bar And Pad bundle is most suited for video centred meeting rooms. These types of rooms are focused on content being shared from the meeting room participants to the remote participants. So having the best video and audio is important for this type of meeting. Luckily with Neat Bars technology, the wide angled lens and multiple microphone array capture the best audio and video possible. Letting you and your colleagues express your ideas easily and communicate them all together.

Neat Video Centered Meeting Room - Neat Bar

Why Not A Controller? Or A Scheduler?

Working alongside the Bar, Neat Pad adds a room controller or a scheduler to your meeting room. Using Neat Pad as a room controller allows you to start, join, and control your meeting all from the 8″ touchscreen. Not only can you start a meeting from the device with a single tap, but can wirelessly share content to the main display. The Pad controller is easy to set up with a quick connection to power over ethernet and you can pair your Pad to the Bar to start controlling. 

If you are wanting to use Neat Pad as a room scheduler, the Pad will sit outside your meeting room with the availability shown on the screen. Stopping any interruptions from happening as the Pad has LED indicators showing if the room is free or not.

Neat Bar Pro And Pad

If Neat Bar sounds like a device that you want to get your hands on but know that the size and technology of the Bar wouldn’t fit into your meeting rooms. Don’t worry, Neat Bar Pro offers everything Neat Bar can offer and more to fit a larger room.

Being able to support more than two screens in a larger meeting room, Neat Bar Pro offers a larger field of view with more digital zoom. Meaning that everyone around the meeting room table, no matter the size or shape, will be seen clearly. Linking to Neat’s mission of looking after users wellbeing and making meetings more realistic and genuine. Promoting this mission even further, Neat Bar Pro has 3 full range speakers with 16 beamforming microphone array and 4 tracking microphones. Making for crystal clear audio that flows throughout the meeting room.

  • 70° to 113° Field of view camera with 16x digital zoom
  • 3 Full range speakers
  • 16 Beamforming microphone array
  • 4 Tracking microphones
  • 1080p People video resolution
  • Triple Screen Support

Neat Bar Pro UK

Neat Bar Pro For Larger Meetings

For a larger meeting room setting, Neat Bar Pro will be better suited than a Neat Bar. Neat Bar Pro gives the opportunity to let its users use multiple screens with the Pro Bar. A great chance to let teams hold their Zoom meeting on one screen, show a diagram on the other screen, and present content on the third. It makes sharing content in your meeting room much simpler and clearer to view.

Each bit of content you want seen in the meeting spread across all three screens. Making it clearer for teams to have discussions about any content shared, leaving no ones ideas behind.

Neat Frame

Out of all the other Neat devices, Neat Frame is the most suitable device for home offices. Working as a second screen, Neat Frame can hold all your Zoom meetings on a 15.6″ portrait touchscreen. While you use your laptop simultaneously on the side. Even though Neat Frame is the smallest out of all the Neat devices, the meeting device still offers power to those working from home or those coming into the office to quickly use the focus room for their meeting.

Neat Frame gives a 113° field of view and 8x digital zoom This pairs well with the auto framing feature as you have the freedom to stand up and move around the room with Neat Frame’s camera having a wide enough field of view to follow you. Making your meeting much more personal and in a sense more realistic to running a meeting in person.

  • 113° Field of view camera with 8x digital zoom
  • 15.6″ Full HD touchscreen
  • 3 Microphone array
  • 1 Tracking microphone
  • 1080×1920 Resolution
  • Bluetooth and headphone jack

Neat Frame By Neat

Frame At Home

Neat Frame can do great things for your home office, shaping the way you video conference from the comfort of your home. No matter the size, shape, or layout of your office at home, the quick connection video conferencing device can easily slot into your work from home set up. Just a quick connection to power, then to the internet, and you’re ready to start your Zoom meeting within a few minutes.

With Neat’s smart features like Neat Bubble and auto framing, working from home has never been easier. There won’t be any worrying over your boss or colleagues hearing your children running around or dog barking downstairs. Every noise that can distract your meeting will be blocked out. 

Along with the auto framing feature and the easy connection of the Frame, you can present from wherever in the room. So if you have a larger home office and you like to present in your meeting, you can just stand up, turn the Frame around and present. Making Neat Frame a flexible and portable device for any type of meeting.

Neat Frame Focus Room
Neat Frame Home Office

Focus With The Frame

Even though Neat Frame is best suited for home offices, the easy to set up meeting device can easily work in and focus room in the office. With only needing one cable to set up, Neat Frame keeps your desk space clean and tidy for another person to use straight after. Making your meetings more efficient.

Just like using Neat Frame in your home office, you can use Neat Bubble and Boundary to make sure that the person you are meeting over Zoom can only hear your voice. Making you the main focus of your meeting.

Neat Board

Neat Board is one of Neat’s most portable device, with the Board being able to fit in most office work spaces. From standard meeting rooms, whether that’s a small, medium or large room, to social spaces in the office.

Taking one look at the 65″display, the clean device holds everything that you will need in a meeting room. Plus with a quick set up, the Board will obviously need connecting to power and the internet but then its just a case of connecting to your Zoom or Teams account and you can quickly start your meeting.

Neat Board has a plethora of features to make your meetings streamline and more professional. You can be confident that your audio is covered by the 5 microphone array, picking up every voice in the room but the echo cancellation and noise suppression will make sure that your voice is put across to your remote participants sharp and clearly. Alongside your audio, you have a 120-degree field of view camera and a 4x digital zoom to cover the biggest of meeting room. 

  • 120° Field of view camera with 4x digital zoom
  • 65″ 4K Multi-touch LED display
  • Wide angle tweeter
  • 5 Microphone array
  • 3 Sensor microphones
  • Air Quality Sensors
  • Anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coating 

Neat Board For Teams - Transparent

Neat Board In Social Settings

Like we said Neat Board can be used in many situations and with the Boards flexible mounting options, it can be mounted anywhere. Neat Board lets you use the Board exactly as you want- with the flexible choice to mount the Board on the wall, the rolling floor stand, or have the Board sat on the table. The 65″ Board can be used in a standard small, medium, or large meeting room. But, place the multi-touch display into an open office and see how quickly your meeting will come alive.

Neat Board Open Office
Neat Board Workshop
Neat Board Social Area

Now you’re probably thinking about how it would work to hold meetings with Neat Board in an open office. Especially if more people are in the office making noise around you. That’s where Neat Bubble and Neat Bubble come into play.

Make A Bubble

Neat Bubble allows the user to create a Bubble around their team during their meeting. Its a feature that lets you block out any noise around you. So if anyone enters the Bubble while the meeting it going on, their voice will become audible. However if people are talking on the row of desks next to you, they will not be picked up. This will be because they are outside of the Bubble. Its a unique feature that lets you create the size of the Bubble and shows you what will be picked up and what wont be picked up. Making sure that your Bubble is perfect.

Similarly the Neat Boundary feature will block out any voices outside the boundary line. However, it will also stop the camera from adjusting its frame to fit in the person walking past your desks.

Standard Meeting Rooms

If you haven’t upgraded your office just yet with a more open planned style or maybe swanky new social spaces. Neat Board will still fit and work wonders in any of your meeting rooms. Behind all the standout features that can help your meeting in an open planned office, Neat Board is still an all-in-one device designed to hold you Zoom or Teams meetings. With integrated speakers, microphones and camera, the Board can still work in standard small, medium, or large meeting rooms. Being able to take your meetings up a notch. 

Neat Makes Your Meeting Room - Neat Board Wall Mount 1
Neat Huddle Room 3

Hear It From The Customers

Neat is definitely one to look out for. Neat products will fit nicely into any room. In addition to their high performance technology, the modern and simplistic design of Neat products make it easy to fit into any room. Any and every company can benefit from a Neat product in their meeting room, home office, social spaces, or focus rooms.

One company that has benefited and loved their Neat device is a law firm in UK. In an interview with the firms head of IT, Neat found out about the law firms experience with Neat and how it changed the way they used Zoom.

Why Choose Neat?

Like everyone else, companies had a massive challenge ahead of them when lockdown was introduced to the world. Video conferencing sky rocketed with the amount of users. People were searching high and low for the perfect solution to their new working environment. To TWM Solicitors, Neat was a no brainer when introduced to them.

“The devices are really well designed, are really easy to use and they make a real difference to the business.”

Alan Barrett – Head of IT

After trying to find the best solution for their employees dotted at home or in the office, TWM Solicitors found out about Neat products and how they can hold great Zoom meetings. So when they were making their final decision and choosing to use Neat to complete their new hybrid working solution, it only took 4 days. Taking TWM Solicitors a matter of 4 days to change their video conferencing around with Neat. Their employees loving Neat Bar and Neat Pad they were using in the several meeting rooms and all the features that came with the Bar. Especially the Neat Symmetry.

Neat Summed Up

Summed up, Neat can and will work anywhere. And now working from home or having a hybrid working environment has increased in popularity – Neat will work for any company. Each Neat product have the perfect ability to hold your meetings to the highest quality but not only with high quality audio and video. The Neat features of Neat Bubble, Symmetry, and Boundary mean that any Neat product can be used from home, the office, or social working environments. 

Natalie Horn

Natalie Horn

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