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Mersive Solstice: How To Become The Leader Of Your Meeting

Without a doubt, multiple people will want to share something their either saw or created during a meeting. Then the meeting that was meant to be 30 minutes to an hour, is now running into an hour an a half long and there’s no end in sight. And its all because one person can only share at one time. If this is a common occurrence for you and your team when heading into a meeting, then it may be time to completely upgrade your system and take control of your meeting. Thankfully, Mersive can solve all your sharing problems. With this sharing device you can become the leader of your meeting, no matter if you were the original host or not. Passing the cape on to your peers, bringing independence and seamless collaboration to your meeting room. Allowing ideas to fly. 
The Mersive Solstice can easily transform the way you hold meetings. Simply walk into your meeting room, enter the 4 digit pin that is shown on the display and automatically connect to the device. In an instant you are ready to be a professional and all eyes will be on you. At first glance, the Mersive Solstice Pod is just a device for sharing but the Pod delivers so much more.

What Is Mersive Solstice?

The Mersive Solstice is a wireless content sharing device for multiple people to share simultaneously in a meeting. Supporting Windows, MacOS, android and IOS, the Mersive Solstice can be integrated into any type of room. Allowing you and your guests to bring their own device. No matter your device preferences, as the Mersive is BYOD compatible. This meaning that anyone and everyone can join the meeting from there device and present their content. Whether that’s wirelessly sharing over the Mersive Solstice app on their laptop, or sharing through Miracast or airplay on their iPad. Plus, the Solstice Pod also supports all major conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, Teams and GoToMeeting. So however your meet, the Mersive Solstice wont hold you back. And any remote guests can have a clear view of what you are sharing. 

With this device, the meetings that run longer than they should will be a thing of the past. With the Mersive Solstice, you wont have to wait for one colleague to disconnect and the other next in line to pair up with the device – multiple people can share at once. Not only does this save time within your meeting, but it allows more definitive collaboration and creation within your team. Letting others in the meeting compare two pieces of work, from two different colleagues, and find out together the solution to a problem you may be having. Again making you the leader of your meeting.  

Mersive Solstice Meeting

Non Sharing Capabilities

As we said, Mersive Solstice is more than a wireless sharing device. Its a great accessory to your meeting room. For when you are not wearing your meeting room cape and leading a meeting with the Solstice Pod. The cloud connected device can act as a room calendar, and be a host for digital signage. So when you are done with your meeting and disconnect from the Solstice, it can be programmed to stay on and share the room calendar or any information to the room display. So as we are still in the era of wearing face coverings, you can program the Solstice to share the informational poster you made asking people to wear masks. Very quickly changing the room display to a digital signage display. Display additional information to your employees and guests. You can do all this without needing any additional hardware or software, just jump straight into displaying your digital signage in a Mersive Solstice room. 

The way this works is that the Solstice Pod integrates with the top digital signage display management platforms. Mersive Solstice’s digital signage partners include:

  • 22Miles
  • Appspace
  • Signagelive
  • TriplePlay
  • Zignage
  • Carousel


SGE Or Enterprise

You can get a Mersive Solstice in standard or enterprise. The SP-8000-e3 Unlimited Enterprise 3, SP-8100- SGE Enterprise, SP-8000-e5 Unlimited Enterprise, SP-8100-e5 SGE Enterprise. If you are reading this looking for a a solution for your large boardroom. Then the SP-8000-e5 Unlimited Enterprise 5 will be the answer to your content sharing nightmare. This Solsitce device allows an unlimited amount of users to share.

Standard and enterprise Pods allow users to bring their own device, share their desktop screen with the Solstice Collaboration App and support up to two displays at 1080p. 


The Solstice Pods weighs 0.75lbs and measures 184.2mm x 86.2mm x 26.3mm. Meaning the Pod can easily sit either behind your meeting room display or tucked away on a cabinet close by. The Pod has an internal storage of 4GB RAM and 16GB eMMC Flash Storage. With multiple sharing capabilities, you can share 4K videos with the Pod. Letting you share the promotional video you created in crisp resolution.

The hardware ports include: 

  • Gigabit Ethernet with PoE+ support
  • Two HDMI out
  • HDMI in
  • Two USB 3.0
  • One USB-C
Mersive Solstice Pod Ports

How To Activate Your Mersive Solstice?

With all this information at hand the Solstice may sound like a great fit for your small, medium or large meeting room. When getting your Solstice you’ll need to activate your Pod before you jump into sharing. To do this you will need to install the Solstice dashboard and import your Solstice Pod. With the Solstice Dashboard downloaded, you can then start to configure your Pod. All you have to do is plug a USB mouse and keyboard into the Pod. That is one way to complete the import but, Mersive themselves recommend using the Dashboard to configure your Pods. As it will give you a more streamline deployment and management.

If you take Mersive’s advice and configure with the Solstice Dashboard. Then your Pods and your Windows computer need to be on the same network. This will make sure that the configuration will be completed. The quickest and the most easiest way to get your Pod on the same network is by using an ethernet cable. Just simply plug the ethernet cable into the Pod and the network should automatically connect. So if you are using multiple Pods in a large boardroom, the ethernet connection route will be the best way for you to configure your Pods quickly.

However, if you are reading this and thinking about how you cant remember the last time you saw the ethernet cable you had. Then not to worry. You can also configure your Pod’s wirelessly. Just simply use the Pod’s local configuration panel, then once the configuration is all done you can then import the Pod’s into the Solstice dashboard. 

Cloud Based Management 

Managing and running multiple devices can be tricky. Especially if you have multiple offices around the country, or world, that you cant always travel to if there’s a problem. Introducing the Solstice Cloud, a cloud based management platform for you to manage your Solstice Pods. No matter where you are. Simply log your Pods into your Solstice cloud account and enjoy the freedom of device management from the comfort of your home.

Imagine a situation where your office in London has a problem with their Solstice Pod, and your all the way up north at your home. In most cases, the device would have to be left for a few hours until you arrived. Or you would have to navigate your way through the customer support line trying to retell the information to your employees in the London office. With your free Solstice Cloud account you can sort out any problems with the Pod, without having to travel to the location of the Pod. Furthermore, you can also set up email alerts that alert you about any problems with your Pod. Letting you sort out the problem, before the problem has even started. Not only can you manage any problems with the Solstice Pod but you can manage and set up your digital signage feeds.

Schedule Pod updates with the Cloud so that the device is always up to date and running smoothly. Scheduling them for your off hour times so the Pod doesn’t start updating in the middle of your meeting. 

Where Can Mersive Solstice Work?

The Mersive Solstice isn’t just for corporate use. Yes the device can do wonders for your meeting rooms but the device spans further to accommodate other potential users. It may have not been a first thought when reading about the Mersive Solstice, but this sharing device is perfect for education. If you think about it, education is all about sharing. Sharing information and knowledge to others, whether you are giving that information to your students or to your fellow classmates.


So image using the Mersive Solstice in a university lecture hall. As the lecture, its important for all of you students in the room to view your lesson content easily. This normally means standing at your desk on the stage, controlling your content from your plugged in laptop. Although this is good and has obviously worked for many years, it can be a bit boring for your students. Not really capturing their attention as you just stand in the same spot for an hour, clicking the next slide button on your laptop.

With the Mersive Solstice installed, you could move around the stage, move into your audience while you share the lesson content from an iPad – wirelessly. Not only will this make your life, as a lecturer much simpler, with you just having to walk in and connect to the Solstice in just a few seconds. But can make your lessons more engaging and fun for your students. Furthermore, the lecturer isn’t the only one who could share to the big screen. As the Mersive Solstice can accompany multiple connections in your meeting room, it can do the just same in your lecture hall.

With moderation capabilities, multiple people can share simultaneously to the big screen and the lecturer has the peace of mind that you are sharing what is appropriate as they can turn on the moderation capabilities. This allows more of a relationship between students and teachers, it brings down that barrier of students always been talked at. With the simultaneous sharing, the teacher and the students can communicate together through what they are sharing. Letting a conversation form, instead of the student being talked to.


Solstice Active Learning

To provide you the best experience during a lesson, Mersive Solstice Active Learning is the software-based solution for multi-screen rooms. Perfect for classrooms, lecture halls and training centres. With this software you can share your presenting screen and students screens to one another – with just a tap of a button or drag. Simply connect each of your classroom displays to the Solstice Pod with a HDMI cable, with this you have complete control over the classroom screens. The best way to use the Solstice Active Learning is by putting your class into groups. Normally with this you would have to waste time finding sheets of paper for the different teams to use, or would have to call the team down to the front for them to present their work. Most of the time not fitting every team into one lesson.

Now with the Solstice Active Learning you can set your class up into teams with the Solstice App. Drag and dropping each team name onto the room grid, creating a virtual map. No matter if a team has three people with three screens or two people with two screens, the one team can basically share the same screen at once. If it is time for a team to present, the one team can stay sitting while you present their screens to the main room display. Plus if you want your teams to collaborate and evaluate their work together, you can share one team screen to another team screen. Just drag one virtual team on the App to another – its as simple as that, anyone can do it. To make your teaching easier, and to stop straining your voice, you can send notifications and alarms to each students screen in the classroom. 

Hybrid Learning

In a lot of places hybrid learning is still very present. With the Solstice Pod you can easily accommodate any remote students via a video conferencing platform. But the remote students won’t take up your whole Solstice Pod, their video call will run alongside any content you are sharing. Splitting up your room display to show the students actually in the classroom, the remote students and anything the teacher has shared. So if a few students decide to work from home one day, it won’t interfere with your lesson at all. Solstice can seamlessly integrate with Zoom, Teams and Webex video conferencing. 

Natalie Horn

Natalie Horn

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