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Logitech Rally Bar vs Logitech Meetup

Rally Bar Logitech Tap Teams Appliance Mode Bundle - TAPRBGMSTAPP

All-in-one video solutions are becoming an aide for organisations looking for the best device with all the collaboration platforms they use and delivering high-quality audio and video conferencing. These plug-and-play units are compatible with multiple platforms and perfect for small to medium-sized huddle and conference rooms. 

The Logitech Rally Bar and the Logitech Meetup are both premier all-in-one video solutions. The Rally bar allows you to ditch the computer and use one-touch video conferencing. On the other hand, Meetup is the most compact video bar offering the most intelligent features. However, the Rally bar is intended for large meeting rooms, whereas Meetup is used for small to medium-sized meeting rooms. 

The sleek, all-in-one room system reduces setup stress with a flexible and streamlined installation. It provides an affordable and effective meeting solution and can be just as natural and productive as face-to-face collaboration. Let’s take a closer look at the difference between these two devices to help you make the better choice.


Logitech Rally Bar

About Logitech Rally Bar

The Logitech Rally Bar is an all-in-one video bar with an integrated AI camera for medium to large rooms. Its brilliant optics, automated PTZ, and high-performance audio set a new standard for video meetings. Logitech Rally Bar lets you do video meetings that can be just as natural as face-to-face collaboration. It is remarkably simple to manage, use, and deploy at scale, delivering professional-quality audio and video in a sleek. The Logitech Rally Bar is a system that includes cameras, microphones, and standalone speakers and is meant for larger meeting rooms.

Pros of Logitech Rally Bar

  • Compatible with most web-based video conferencing services.
  • Camera with super-high-resolution pan-tilt-zoom.
  • Beamforming microphone array.
  • Wide field of view.
  • Easy to set up.

Cons of Logitech Rally Bar

  • Two connection hubs seem duplicative.
  • Needs a separate computer.

Feature of Logitech Rally Bar

The Rally Bar brings all of the features of larger meeting room kits into a compact, streamlined design. This amazing product is easy to set up in seconds, with USB plug-and-play support. The incredibly rich features of the Rally Bar include: 

  • Appliance mode for PC-free access
  • USB plug-and-play design
  • All-in-one audio and video
  • RightSight for better framing
  • One-touch join for meetings
  • Logitech Sync for easy control
  • RightLight for improved lighting settings
  • RightSound for enhanced audio clarity
  • Integrations with leading meeting rooms
  • Remote control lens cap
  • Remote update management
  • 4K resolution at up to 30 FPS
  • Pan, tilt, and 4x digital zoom
  • Partner dashboard support
  • Add-on microphone options
  • AI noise suppression filter
  • Adaptive field of view up to 110 degrees
  • Room-filling speaker performance
  • Beamforming microphones

Product Description 

  • Camera:

-Resolution: 4K, 1440p, 1080p, 900p, 720p, and SD at 30fps

-Pan: Motorized ±25° 

-Tilt: Motorized ±15° Zoom: 15X HD zoom (5X optical, 3X digital available with upcoming software update) 

-Diagonal Field of View: 90° 

-Horizontal Field of View: 82.1° 

-Vertical Field of View: 52.2° 

-Total Room Coverage: 132.1° Horizontal x 82.2° Vertical

  • Built-in Components:

-6 beamforming microphones

-2 speakers, 

-PTZ camera

– AI Viewfinder

-retention system and cable management

-Logitech CollabOS platform

-table stand.

  • Power & Cables:

-Power Supply: Auto-sensing 

-Operating Voltage/Power: 100-240V, 19V, 4.74A 

-Power Supply Dimensions: 127mm x 51mm x 30mm 

-DC Cable: 1.5m / 4.9 ft 

-AC Cable: 1m / 3.28 ft 

-HDMI 1.4 Cable: 2m / 6.5 ft 

-USB A to USB C 3.0 Cable: 2.2m / 7.2 ft

  • Dimensions:

-Height: 164 mm / 6.46 in 

-Width: 910 mm / 2.99 ft 

-Depth: 130.5 mm / 5.14 in 

-Lens Depth: 28.8 mm / 1.13 in 

-Weight: 7.08 kg / 15.6 lbs

  • Interfaces:

-HDMI Out: 2 (up to 1080p) 

-HDMI In: 1 

-USB 3.0: 3x Type A, 1x Type C 

-Network: 10/100/1G Ethernet 

-WiFi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (MIMO) External Mic Input: Yes (proprietary input supports optional -Rally Mic Pod, Rally Mic Pod Hub, and Rally Mic Pod Extension Cable) 

-Remote Control: Bluetooth® Low Energy

  • Speakers:

-Drivers: 2x 70mm / 2.7 in 

-Output: 90dB SPL @1W, 99dB SPL @8.0W, both +/-2dB at ½ meter 

-Sensitivity: 90+/-3dB SPL at 1W, ½ meter 

-THD: 1kHz < 2% 

-Speaker Sampling Rate: 48 kHz

  • Microphones:

-Frequency Response: 90Hz – 16kHz 

-Sensitivity: >-36dBFS +/-1dB @ 1Pa 

-Microphone Data Rate Output: 48 kHz 

-Pickup Range: 4.5m / 15 ft 

-Beamforming Elements: Six omnidirectional digital MEMS microphones forming five adaptive acoustic broadside beams 

-Audio Processing: AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), VAD (Voice Activity Detector) 

-Noise Suppression: AI filter 

-Add-on Mics: Supports up to 3 additional Rally Mic Pods for larger conference rooms

Compatibility with other platforms

The Logitech Rally Bar is compatible with Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows(for medium-sized rooms), Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android (for medium-sized rooms), Zoom Rooms and Google Meet Rooms.

Logitech Meetup

About Logitech Meetup

Logitech Meetup, an all-in-one product with plug-and-play simplicity, is designed for small meetings and huddle rooms. Equipped to work with the latest applications for video conferencing. It is one of the front-runners in the all-in-one video conferencing appliance space. It comes with remote control and a Bluetooth option to function as a speakerphone for voice calls. Moreover, the Meetup is the only device in the pack with a pan/tilt camera, which zooms to an incredible view of 170 degrees. 

Pros of Logitech Meetup

  • The adjustable camera points straight to the talker.
  • Effective mic array to pick up voices well.
  • It is a convenient and compact package solution, including a mic, camera, and speaker. 

Cons of Logitech Meetup

  • Finding the proper software for additional features on the Logitech website. 
  • Video quality is not favourable for participants sitting a little far away.

Features of Logitech Meetup

The Logitech Meetup is an excellent solution for smaller meeting spaces and intimate meeting rooms. It also comes with access to some of Logitech’s most intelligent features. It is easy to install, has a 5X zoom range, and has a wide angle of view. Here is a detailed feature list for your complete understanding:

  • Three camera pre-set modes
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Excellent five times Zoom
  • 4K ultra-HD streaming and video control
  • All-in-one video and audio
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Certified for leading UCaaS tools
  • RightLight for improved lighting settings
  • RightSound for enhanced audio clarity
  • RightSight for better framing
  • 3-year warranty
  • Compatibility with other leading Logitech tools
  • Three microphones beam-forming array
  • Dial in the meeting option
  • Logitech Sync for better controls

Product Description

  • Camera:

-Custom Logitech lens with 5x HD zoom and motorised pan (+/- 25°) and tilt (+/- 15°)

-Field of View: Diagonal: 120°, Horizontal: 113°, Vertical: 80.7°

-Total Room Coverage (field of view + pan and tilt): 163° wide x 110° tall

-3 camera position presets

-RightSight auto-framing: Requires Windows 10 64-bit or macOS 10.14 or higher

  • Dimensions:

-15.8 x 4.1 x 3.4″ / 400.0 x 104.0 x 85.0 mm

-3.3 x 3.3 x 0.4″ / 83.0 x 83.0 x 10.0 mm (Remote)

  • Ports:

-USB 3.0 Type C

-USB 2.0 micro-B 5-Pin

-Power in

-USB 2.0 port (USB 3.0 Port and cable required for 4K video)

  •  Built-in Components:

-Built-in microphone

-Built-in speaker(s)

  • Microphones:

-Integrated microphone with three beamforming elements

-Pickup Range

*MeetUp: 4 m

*With optional Expansion Mic: 5 m

-Sensitivity: -27 dB

-Microphone frequency response: 90Hz-16KHz (without noise)

-AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation)

-VAD (Voice Activity Detector)

-Microphone date rate: 32KHz sampling rate

  • Speaker:

-Volume adjustable to 95 dB SPL at 1/2 meter peak

-Distortion: 200-300Hz < 3%, 3000 Hz -10KHz < 1%

-Speaker sensitivity 86.5+/-3dB SPL at 1/2 meter

  • Integration:

-Bluetooth wireless technology

-Integrated table/wall mount

-optional TV mount 

-RF remote control

-Kensington security slot

  • System Requirements:

-macOS 10.10 or higher

-Windows® 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10

Compatibility with other platforms

Logitech Meetup worked seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and was certified for Skype for Business, Zoom, and Google Hangouts Meet Hardware. Besides, it is compatible with other recordings,  video conferencing, and broadcasting applications that support TAA-compliant USB cameras. 


Logitech Rally Bar vs Logitech Meetup

The following table compares the specifications of the Logitech Rally Bar and Logitech Meetup. However, multiple configurations are available for both video bars, based on your needs and requirements. 

Items Logitech Rally Bar Logitech Meetup
Price £3,015.88  £664.94
Part Number 960-001312 960-001102
Power Source AC Adapter No
Host Connection USB Type-A USB 3.1 / USB 3.2 Gen 1 USB 2.0
Additional I/O 1 x USB Type-C USB 3.1 / USB 3.2 Gen 1 No
Low-Light Correction Yes No
Field of View Diagonal: 90°, Horizontal: 82.1°, Vertical: 52.2°  Diagonal: 120°, Horizontal: 113°, Vertical: 80.7°
Resolution and Frame Rate 4K, 1440p, 1080p, 900p, 720p, and SD at 30fps UHD 4K at up to 30 fps
Zoom 5x (Optical)

3x (Digital)

Tilt +/- 15° +/- 15°
Speaker Tracking Yes Yes
Pan +/- 25° +/- 25°
Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL)    90dB SPL @1W, 99dB SPL @8.0W 95 dB
Built-In Speakers 2 1
Sensitivity 90+/-3dB SPL at 1W, ½ meter 86 dB
Range 15ft 13.1 ft
Extension Microphone Yes(Optional) Yes(Optional)
Sensitivity >-36dBFS +/-1dB @ 1Pa -27 dB
Noise Cancellation  AI filter  Echo
Audio Input HDMI No
Audio Output HDMI No
Bluetooth Bluetooth® Low Energy Yes
Other Features
Wireless Screen Sharing No No
Touch Control Panel No (Optional)
Mount Options Wall, Table, Display Wall, Table, Display
Color Options Graphite, White Black
Supported Platforms
Zoom Yes Yes
Google Meet Yes Certified
Microsoft Teams Certified (USB Attached) Yes


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