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How do I enable RightSight on Logitech Rally?

Logitech Rally Plus Solution

The Logitech Rally offers an Ultra-HD imaging system, sharp video, and exceptional optical accuracy at resolutions up to 4K. RightSight is part of RightSense. It is a collection of advanced technologies that automate the meeting experience so teams can focus on collaboration. With RightSight, the Rally’s camera finds human figures within its field of view and automatically frames everyone in the meeting.


To enable RightSight on the Logitech Rally, download the Logitech Sync application. Pressing the remote’s pan, tilt, or zoom buttons will turn on the RightSight. The camera will automatically move and adjust the lens to frame meeting participants in rooms of all shapes and sizes.


Besides RightSight, Logitech Rally’s RightSense Technology features RightLight and RightSound. RightLight prioritises faces over the environment to render natural-looking skin tones. Whereas RightSound enhances voice clarity by auto-levelling voices and focusing on active speakers.

Why enable RightSight?

Less Distraction

When the camera moves during a video call, it distracts everyone in the room and anyone remote. Some legacy solutions zoom in and focus on the active speaker, which can lead to a shaky experience. RightSight leverages the mechanical PTZ feature in Rally cameras to pan, tilt, and zoom to the perfect view. Furthermore, RightSight analyses the scene and intelligently adjusts with less camera movement to minimise distractions. For instance, if someone leaves the meeting, RightSight will take longer to re-frame than if someone new joins the meeting.

Perfect Framing

The RightSight solutions zoom in and focus on the active speaker. However, considering how much communication is non-verbal, it’s important to provide participants with as much context as possible. The core value proposition of video conferencing is allowing teams to collaborate in a way that voice alone can’t achieve. Cropping away participants’ reactions to the conversation is a compromised experience.
RightSight frames all meeting participants. It allows participants to see everyone in the room, whether speaking or listening. As participants enter or leave the room or move around during the meeting, RightSight adjusts the camera accordingly.

Modern Technique

Many existing technologies use face detection based on traditional computer vision technology to detect participants. These approaches can work, but the experience can be easily compromised by varying lighting conditions and whether people are facing the camera. If they’re not, they risk not being detected. RightSight uses deep learning technology, just like the one used in self-driving cars. RightSight is trained to identify participants’ bodies instead of relying only on faces. It is a more robust way to identify all participants, whether they are sitting, standing, or looking at a whiteboard at the back of the room.

How to enable or disable RightSight?

Logitech RightSight ensures that meeting participants are always in view and pictured on-screen. With it seamlessly at work in the background, conversations and eye contact is as easy and natural as sitting together in the same room.
RightSight can be set up using the Camera Settings or Logitech Sync software. Once you have installed the software, plug in the camera and start Logitech Sync. You should see the camera on the left. Under Video, you can turn off RightSight or turn it on so that the camera only aligns once when you turn it on.

Pair it with remote control

The rally camera and remote control are paired at the factory. However, if you need to pair a remote to the camera (such as when replacing a lost remote), do the following:
  1. Press and hold the button on the back of the camera until LED flashes blue.
  2. Press the Video Mute button on the remote for 10 seconds to place it in pairing mode.
  3. Once the remote and camera are paired, the LED will stop flashing.
  4. If the pairing fails, the LED will keep flashing. Start from step 2 and repeat.

How to install RightSight using IT tools?

Deploying Logitech software and firmware can easily be accomplished using IT tools. You can mass deploy RightSight by following these instructions:
  1. Download the software/firmware and put them in your IT distribution share.
  2. Create an application using a PowerShell Script.
  3. Deploy the application.
  4. Distribute the Application.
  5. Verify Install success. ( If the install fails, you can find a log file copy in the system temp directory.)

RightSight on Logitech Rally

Logitech features RightSight 1 in its Logitech cameras to automatically centre single or grouped conference participants in a frame. But, RightSight 1 auto framing is available for Logitech Meetup and Rally only.
Logitech’s RightSight 2 extends the feature by focusing participants in a picture-in-picture frame. For now, RightSight 2 is available for free to users of the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini. The technology controls one of the cameras to automatically centre a group of people in the frame. The group is tracked and centred, even when participants move. The second camera focuses on the person currently speaking.
RightSight 2 combines audio and video intelligence to detect people’s presence in the room and the location of their voices. Speaker View is a new mode. It uses the two-camera system in Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini to render a picture-in-picture view of the active speaker and the whole group. The active speaker is framed using the main camera that pans and zooms as the speaker changes. While the wide-angle AI Viewfinder frames the room. It ensures that remote participants can clearly see and hear all meeting exchanges.
Besides, RightSight 2’s Speaker View is available for free on CollabOS 1.5 for Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini only.
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