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Everything You Need To Know About Airtame

Everything About Airtame - Blog

Airtame is one of the most well known brands that can make your meetings simpler. Their wireless presentation device, the Airtame 2, makes for great content sharing during meetings and presentations. Making it easy for colleagues in the office and guests to share their ideas and PowerPoints to the meeting.

Now with their newest device, the Airtame Hub, it can help you join any meeting from anywhere. Helping join hybrid and in-office workers together. Making hybrid meetings possible in your office, not only making your team meetings easier but giving your employees flexibility in working environments.
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Airtame 2

The Airtame 2 is a dongle device that brings wireless sharing and digital signage to any display. Securely sitting behind your chosen display, the Airtame 2 allows regulars and guests to wirelessly connect and share either the content or mirror their full screen. With the option to use Miracast, GoogleCast, Airplay, or the Airtame App, it really doesn’t matter what type of device you have. As long as you have any of these options you can share via the Airtame. 

Airtame Specs

  • Connections: 1x USB-C (Power, HDMI, USB Host, Ethernet) 1x Micro USB OTG port
  • Output Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (up to 60 Hz progressive mode) 1280 x 720 (up to 60 Hz)
  • Screen Connections: HDMI 1.4b / VGA* / DVI* With external adapter
airtame 2 wireless presentation

Digital Signage

Having the option to use the Airtame 2 as a digital signage display, means that the Airtame 2 can work for anyone. No matter their business. Plan, create, and schedule you digital signage content to any of your screens with the Airtame 2 connected. With the integrated apps:

  • Youtube
  • Room Overview
  • Dropbox Gallery & Dropbox Video
  • OneDrive Gallery & OneDrive Video
  • Google Slides
  • PowerPoint
  • Trello
  • World Clock
  • Website
  • Home screen
  • Rise Vision 
  • Unsplash

you can turn you screen into something creative with the Rise Vision app and informative with the Room Overview app. Making digital signage creativities endless. With all of these apps included making a fun or professional displays is easy, and so is publishing your content. With Airtame Cloud you have the chance to preview you content, correcting or adding, then you can schedule the signage on set weeks, days, and times. 

Airtame PowerPoint App
Airtame One Drive Gallery App
Airtame Trello App

Wireless Sharing 

Now some of you may be thinking that if anyone can connect and share with the Airtame 2, then interruptions are bound to happen. And when you’re holding a professional meeting with lets say potential business partners, having another colleague connect and start sharing to the Airtame device by accident can be unprofessional. However with Airtame thinking of this situation, they give you a pin code to enter your meeting. Meaning that the random colleague sharing situation won’t happen, plus you have piece of mind that any content shared by you or your guests in the meeting will be secure and private to only those in the meeting.   

Airtame Hub

To make hybrid conferencing easier, the Airtame Hub will be your answer. This sleek box will connect your hybrid workers to your meeting, no matter where they are. With hybrid conferencing now being the normal way of meeting in the office, something like the Airtame Hub in your meeting room will make it easier for you to walk into the meeting room and connect as quickly as possible. Not only does the Airtame Hub allow for quicker meeting connections, but it means that the meeting call, either Teams or Zoom, will now run on the Airtame Hub instead of running on your laptop. Leading to a better performing video conferencing. 

Airtame Hub UK

Just like the Airtame 2, the Airtame Hub is easy to install and use in your meeting room. With PoE for power it makes for quicker installations, along with better quality images and audio while sharing with the Airtame Hub.

Airtame Hub Specs

  • Connections: 2x HDMI Out, 2x Type A, 1x Type C USB
  • Power Input: PoE IEEE 802.3 at Type 2
  • Streaming Encryption: Airplay, Miracast
  • Conferencing Encryption: TLS, WebRTC

Airtame In Meetings

Wireless sharing in meetings has never been easier with Airtame. Using the Airtame 2 you have multiple meeting avenues you can go down, you can wirelessly share content the way you want, fully mirror your laptop screen, and create information packed digital signage for your displays. With full screen mirroring and wireless sharing capabilities, anyone and everyone in the meeting can share their ideas to the team. Now normally when guests join your meeting, its a fumble for cables and sharing devices to allow them to present their plan and ideas. Its a fumble that can waste time and look unprofessional if you are really trying to impress. With the Airtame 2 that scramble for a cable is long gone. Sitting discretely behind you meeting room display, guests and regular attendees to your meeting room can wirelessly connect and share their content to the meeting. Saving time and keeping professionalism within your meeting. As mentioned, the Airtame 2 dongle will sit comfortably behind your display, not only keeping your meeting room spick and pan of cables and wires but keeps the Airtame 2 accessible and close by for a perfect connection.

Using the Airtame 2 for digital signage is a no brainer, with a list of integrated apps you can create digital signage displays how you want. With apps including, Youtube, PowerPoint, OneDrive Gallery, Room Overview, and many more, creating a digital signage display with Airtame makes life just that tad easier. Plus with the Airtame 2, you can turn any of your displays into a digital signage device. Making the Airtame 2 suitable for any of your displays. Got a display in your reception area? Connect the Airtame 2 and turn the standard screen into a digital signage display. Got a display in your meeting room? The obvious answer is to use the Airtame 2 to hold your meetings, allowing for wireless sharing and collaboration to happen.

It doesn’t matter what size meeting room you use the Airtame 2 in as the device can work anywhere. Huddle, small, medium, or large the Airtame 2 can bring high quality sharing. 


Airtame In Education

Just like using the Airtame 2 in your meeting rooms, the device can work seamlessly in any education environment. The wireless sharing feature can make it easy for students to hold team presentations and for teachers to wirelessly connect their laptop to a screen and share with the class. Again just like using the Airtame 2 in your meetings, it saves times as you wont have to sit download the presentation on a memory stick or a shared drive. You can just connect to the Airtame and quickly start sharing you presentation to the whole class. Therefore, saving time and  making team presentations more efficient. 


Airtame Rooms

One place to control you hybrid conferencing. Airtame Rooms lets you have unified cloud management through the web portal, in this cloud management you can update the firmware, monitor usage, and control your digital signage displays. All of this management in one place. This is perfect for managers who are still working from home as they can easily log into the web portal and make sure that everything is up to date and running as it should. 

On the other side of Airtame Rooms, it lets you join your meetings even quicker. Pair your Microsoft Outlook Calendar to the Airtame App, meaning that you and your team can join the meeting from the Outlook Calendar. Making it easier for your team to know when the meeting is scheduled for and to join the meeting, integrating your calendar and meetings together makes sure that everyone will join the meeting on time. Making the Airtame Hub essential to holding your Teams and Zoom meetings. Leading on from this, the Airtame Hub lets you CastYourCall. This feature lets you join your meeting from your calendar integration on your laptop and lets you cast the video conference call to your Airtame Hub in the meeting room. Not only making it easier for you to use your laptop during a meeting, but stops the video conference from draining the battery on your laptop.  

Keep in mind that Airtame Rooms only runs on the Airtame Hub, with the solution only being offered in a bundled package with a one year software license with annual renewal.

Airtame Cloud

Airtame Cloud and Airtame Rooms can seem similar, but Airtame Cloud gives centralized remote management. Different from Airtame Rooms, Cloud is more of a system that allows you to run your content instead of making sure that the firmware is up-to-date. With Cloud you can control your screens from wherever you are. Run your digital signage, set a screen timer to save power, and schedule content to specific Airtame screens, all from Airtame Cloud.

Whats great about Airtame Cloud is that if you are unable to get into the Cloud and schedule a piece of content that needs to be scheduled, you can assign different levels of access to other users. So stopping any panic or worrying, you can assign another one of your colleagues the access to be able to find the content and schedule it on the desired week, day, and time. Not only does the feature of assigning different levels of access help with any interruptions with logging in, but it can also help stop any mistakes from happening with people clicking on the wrong thing by accident. Giving people only access to what they need, making their job easier and stopping any cross overs. Also, with single sign in access to OneDrive and Dropbox, it helps keep your content secure.

There are three different types of Airtame Cloud Licenses you can get, lite, plus, or custom.

Included in all three licenses you can get the basics of;

  • firmware updates
  • Unlimited amount of users, groups, and devices
  • Global device management
  • Moderator mode
  • Branded image and custom background
  • Change the screen orientation
  • Set a public website URL for your digital signage

Then with the plus and custom licenses you can get;

  • Signage content scheduling
  • Looped content with playlists for signage
  • Third party app integrations
  • Remote monitoring with up-to-date screen preview
  • Meeting room overview 
  • Energy saver with Sleep Schedule 
  • On-demand training
  • 24-Hour email, chat support

Then finally with the custom licenses you can get the extras of a dedicated training webinar and a designated customer success team for onboarding and activation. 

Natalie Horn

Natalie Horn

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