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DTEN Video Conferencing Room Solutions


Making sure your team has the resources they need to stay productive while communicating and collaborating quickly and securely has never been more crucial. And DTEN is the ideal video conferencing option to keep your team updated and your company on track. It offers affordable, client-focused video conferencing equipment for companies of all sizes. 


DTEN is a powerful, secure, centralised hub for video conferencing and collaboration. They provides a wide variety of video conferencing solutions to choose from, including

  • DTEN D7
  • DTEN GO with Mate

DTEN develops zoom-certified solutions for collaboration. All-in-one devices that are modern, well-designed, and well-made provide true plug-and-play. They are therefore perfect for use in the education and training industries, where the devices’ administration and usability are of utmost importance.



DTEN offers incredible video conferencing solutions that are cost-effective, feature-forward, and easy to use. It has built-in Zoom Rooms software, an ultra HD 4K LED, and a number of networking options, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, IPv4, and HTTP. It is made for Zoom Rooms of all sizes. Other advantages include


  • Crystal Clear Videos- The DTEN’s 4K cameras digitally track the presenter in high definition.
  • Comprehensive System Security- DTEN has operating system-level security restrictions in place, ensuring the highest level of security when in use or updating.
  • Noise-Free, Clear Audio- DTEN’s sixteen microphones automatically focus on the person speaking and block out background noise.
  • Enhanced Collaboration Tools- Book meeting spaces, invite participants to meetings, share documents, easily share documents, and annotate using DTEN’s advanced touch-screen whiteboard feature.

What are Zoom DTEN video conferencing room solutions?

As part of a next-generation of modern video conferencing room solutions, DTEN has combined the power of groundbreaking interactive hardware technology with a software-based video conference room solution, Zoom Rooms. 


DTEN D7 is a complete plug-and-play video conference room solution that enables interactive video collaboration in any meeting space and comes pre-configured with Zoom Rooms software. 

DTEN D7 is a budget-friendly all-in-one video conferencing solution optimised for Zoom rooms. Available in 55 and 75. It is a high-quality option suitable for meeting spaces with up to 15 participants and home offices. It offers a highly sensitive digital whiteboard with presentation options. A touch screen allows you to collaborate on documents. 

The device has a 4K wide-angle camera and a 16-piece microphone array to ensure effective communication between you and the other video conference participants. Additionally, the straightforward plug-and-play functionality enables you to set up the digital whiteboard without a technician in under 15 minutes.


DTEN ME is a desktop video conferencing solution for your home office that allows you and your coworkers to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Smart cameras, an 8-microphone array, and integrated speakers on the 27″ LED display ensure high-definition zoom video conferencing with crystal-clear audio. In addition, the responsive multi-touch display has whiteboard and annotation capabilities, which enables effective interactive collaboration with your team, even from home. Its lightweight and slim design make it easy to carry from A to B. 


DTEN ON is the world’s first Zoom for Home Device. The pre-installed video conferencing solution Zoom is optimised for location-independent collaboration. In combination with the Android-based DTEN OS operating system, the screen offers you flexibility and high-quality meetings.

With its 16-microphone array for crystal-clear speech and 4K wide-angle camera for face-to-face interactions, DTEN ON has superior hardware communication technology. In addition, there is a 55-inch multi-touch LED touchscreen with 4K resolution and built-in speakers.

Along with Zoom, the DTEN ON includes DSP sound technology, which guarantees a crisp, interesting audio experience.

DTEN GO With Mate

DTEN GO & Mate is a Zoom-certified room solution to enable interactive Zoom meetings in any conference room. DTEN GO is a cutting-edge camera array that plugs into your existing display and has two 4K main cameras, two HD secondary cameras, 12 microphone arrays, and a 160-degree field of view. The DTEN Mate is a lightweight, 10″ touch controller that lets you add whiteboard and annotation capabilities to your meetings.

The USB port allows DTEN GO & Mate to be used without the software as well. Thus, you get a manufacturer-independent video conferencing system that can also be used with Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex.

How to Choose DTEN Video Conferencing Room Solutions According to the Room Size

Setting up your meeting rooms with the right video conferencing solutions is more important than ever. However, the type and dimensions of the room will determine how extensive a setup is required. Like, the bigger the space, the more powerful your system needs to be. 

The DTEN comes with Zoom pre-installed to set up Zoom Rooms quickly and easily. It is a dedicated video conferencing system that provides speed, clarity, and security in the current environment for small to large conference rooms. 

Small or Huddle-Size Rooms

Small meeting rooms seat up to 4-6 people and are quick and easily accessible. It allows teams to work more effectively without reserving a large conference room. DTEN solutions for small rooms include

  • DTEN D7- 55”: The 55″ D7 display from DTEN is a single device for video conferencing, digital whiteboarding, and content sharing. It provides an intuitive, collaborative meeting experience and allows you to start Zoom meetings with one touch. 

Product Specification

Software Windows IoT
All in one
  • Multi-Touch Display
  • 4K Camera
  • 16-Microphone
  • Array Integrated Speakers
Display LED 55″, 4K, 16:9 Capacitive Touch Screen 
Input & Output
  • HDMI Out x 1 
  • HDMI In x 1 
  • USB 3.0 x 2
  • 3.5-mm Audio Jack x 1
  • Microphone x 1
  • Ethernet LAN (RJ45) x 1
Dimension 49 x 30.5 x 2.13 in (124.49 x 77.38 x 5.42 cm)
Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz

Medium Size Rooms 

The ideal room size for medium conference rooms is 15’ x 30’ and seats up to 10 people. These rooms are used for hybrid meetings to connect remote meeting participants. DTEN solutions for medium size rooms include

  • DTEN D7-75: The 75″ D7 display from DTEN is a single device for video conferencing with a life-like 4K display. It has a built-in wide-angle camera and an advanced microphone design.  

Product Specifications

Software DTEN D7 OS
All in one
  • Multi-Touch Display
  • LED 75”
  • Flexible Top/Bottom 4K Camera Placement
  • 16-Microphone
  • Array Integrated Speakers
Display LED 75″, 4K, 16:9 Capacitive Touch Screen 
Input & Output
  • HDMI Out x 1 
  • HDMI In x 1 
  • USB 3.0 x 1
  • 3.5-mm Audio Jack x 1
  • Microphone x 1
  • Ethernet LAN (RJ45) x 1
Dimension 73.4 x 44.7 x 2.19 in (167.87 x 113.5 x 5.54 cm)
Power Auto-sensing Power supply 

100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz

Large Size Rooms

large meeting spaces, such as multipurpose big rooms and auditoriums, that seat 10 or more people It should prioritise two (42”–75”) screens in a side-by-side configuration. DTEN solutions for large-size rooms include

  • DTEN D7- Dual 55’ and 75’- The DTEN D7 dual screen version, is one of the must-have collaboration tools for any meeting space. With a best-in-class 16-element microphone array, 4K wide-angle camera and proprietary DSP engine from DTEN and Zoom. 

The DTEN DUAL 55′ and 75′ features a single 55″ or 75″ interactive display. It means a standard 55″ or 75″ 4K display designed for two-screen side-by-side deployment. 

For Home

The DTEN collaboration device is designed for the ultimate Zoom meeting experience while working from home as well. DTEN solutions for the home include

  • DTEN ME: DTEN ME 27″ Full HD multi-touch display reduces clutter and visual distractions from your meeting space with a customisable virtual background. 

Product Specifications

Software DTEN OS
All in one
  • Multi-Touch Display
  • 3 Camera array
  • 8-Microphone
  • Integrated Speakers
Display LED 27″ 1080p 16:9 Capacitive Touch Screen 
Input & Output
  • HDMI in x 1
  • Ethernet LAN (RJ45) x 1
Dimension 24.25 x 15.4 x 4.1 in (616mm x 391mm x 104mm)
Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz


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