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BenQ InstaShow: How It Differs From Other Wireless Presentation Devices

Meetings are never fun for anyone, whether you were the one hosting the meeting or being called to one. Again having to fumble through all your paper work, days and weeks of folders trying to find the couple of pages that you’ll need to share. Meetings have come a long way and gone are those days of walking into a meeting with a mountain of paperwork. There had to be a simpler way for you host and join in with your meeting. Without fumbling through papers. That’s where wireless sharing came centre stage, especially the BenQ InstaShow range.
With BenQ InstaShow you can share everything your need to share and more in one click. You can simply walk into a meeting with your laptop, or phone, sit down and plug in the InstaShow Button to share the information you need to share. But with other wireless sharing devices out there, how does BenQ differ from the rest?

What is InstaShow?  

BenQ InstaShow is a way for you to brag about your ideas. Its a wireless presentation device that brings seamless sharing to any meeting room or classroom. You can walk into your meeting with your head held high, plug the InstaShow Button into your laptop and start your presentation strong. The InstaShow range is perfect for hosting meeting, letting you walk around the meeting room with your head high while showing off your great ideas on the big screen. All this is done just by plugging in and clicking the button. In just one click you can become the leader of the meeting. You can share from your laptop, Mac and even your phone and tablet devices with the USB-C Button. Made to widen the audience of who can share. InstaShow stops unnecessary actions in meetings, you wont have to be unplugging and sharing around cables anymore.

The InstaShow range includes the WDC10, WDC10C, WDC20, WDC20C, USB-C Button Kit and the InstaShow HDMI Button Kit. Each kits have different features and functions but they all share the capability of wireless sharing and presenting. 

InstaShow WDC10 And WDC10C 


First of lets talk about the WDC10 and WDC10C. The WDC10 and WDC10C are the better fit for wireless sharing and presenting within companies and classrooms. This is because it features a standard HDMI cable. This plug-and-play device is great for students, teachers and employees to share their work with the rest of the class or colleagues. And with up 16 presenters being able to present, a big chunk of your students or employees will be set up and ready to share in an instant. With no software needed, its simple for you to share. Just plug the InstaShow Button into your laptop, pair the devices together and click the Button once the pairing has finished. With this one click your work, from you laptop, will be projected onto the big screen – letting you talk away while everyone can see your work. Making you look professional and focused on your presenting. 

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With the WDC10 and WDC10C, up to 16 people can present. Each person getting their ow time to shine. Now reading that you can probably imagine the mayhem that it might cause – especially in the classroom. With students bickering about who gets to present. Yes, the InstaShow will take up to 16 presenters, but each presenter will have their own dedicated time to present. This is as the WDC10 isn’t compatible with 4 people sharing at once. This feature really shows what the InstaShow WDC10 is all about, single person presentations in small to medium sized meetings or classrooms. 

InstaShow WDC20 And WDC20C

If the WDC10 doesn’t seem like it would be enough for want you need, then the InstaShow WDC20 and WDC20C might do the trick. The WDC20 is for much larger meetings, with the opportunity for 32 people to share and present. Giving everyone has the chance to express themselves in the meeting, by splitting the meeting room display into 4. So you can share simultaneously. 

Imagine yourself in a large meeting, all of the participants sat around the boardroom table – obviously in a COVID free world. You can feel a bit lost and unheard as so many people are chiming in. With the InstaShow WDC20 or WDC20C at hand, you can easily jump into the conversation. Just grab the InstaShow Button, plug it into your laptop with the HDMI cable and click the button on the top of the device. Your laptop screen will then be shown on the meeting room display, gaining you everyone’s attention. Plus, if you aren’t one for pacing back and forth when presenting. You can stand at the front of the room, next to the meeting room display and still use your laptop applications. This is with the help of touchback support. The capabilities are endless. The InstaShow kit will provide full HD resolution with a router level chip. Meaning that when you are in video mode, the video being show will run smoothly, with no pixilation, lagging or any awkward silences.   

The WDC20 is all you need for you to become the boss of a meeting. With no software or driver needed, the BenQ InstaShow is too easy to set up.

Setting Up

It only takes seconds for the InstaShow to be set up. Even the most untechnical person can set the InstaShow up and instantly upgrade a meeting room. When your new wireless presentation system arrives, you will have to a pair the Button and the Transmitter together. The Transmitter acts as the base unit for the Button, connecting the Button to your meeting room display. To pair these two you will have to hold down the pairing key on the Button and the Transmitter for 5 seconds. This will then pair the two devices together and connection between the two will be automatic.

If you have your InstaShow kit already installed and just want to pair another Button, then you can still do so. Even if the Transmitter is in a bit of a tricky place. The host can be put into pairing mode via the web to pair any Button with the Transmitter. 

BenQ InstaShow: How It Differs From Other Wireless Presentation Devices - BenQ Button press

Sharing By Phone

Now a days laptop and desktops aren’t the only way of working. With company phones being popular, people can work from whatever device they want. Although this makes working flexible and easy for you to access your work at any time, it can be annoying and a little embarrassing when you don’t have the files your need because they’re on another device. Yes files and documents can be shared and backed up to other devices, but you can guarantee that it will be that one time where your forget your laptop and realise that the file you want to share is only on your phone. Leaving you to just sit there awkwardly while you fumble to prove your point without having any files, images or videos to back it up. Well it doesn’t have to be an awkward situation as BenQ made a Button just for you. BenQ offer multiple buttons for you to share the way you want, from sharing from your laptop, phone or tablet. No one is limited to sharing. 



If you are using the WDC10 then the USB-C Button can just be plugged straight into the USB-C port on your phone. When doing so your phone will recognise the Button and you will be able to click screen sharing on. This will then mirror you phone screen to the meeting room display. If you have many apps or web pages running in the background, than your privacy can still be covered. Just by turning on the feature of being able to share specific windows. Making sure that what you want to share is the only thing being shared.



If you are using the WDC20 in your meeting, you can still share using your phone you will just have to use a USB-C to HDMI adapter. So your phone and the HDMI Button can both plug into the adapter.

Although, using a USB-C to HDMI adapter isn’t the only option – you can use the InstaShare app. With this app you really can share your content wirelessly. The app is super simply to use, once downloaded all you have to do is connect to the network shown on your screen. You will still be able to mirror your phone screen with the app but you can also share photos, videos, files and even use your camera. You really being able to bring your meeting to life and share whatever you want. Furthermore, the app will still allow 4 people to present simultaneously. Whether they are using their phone, laptop or tablet. 

Video Mode

When presenting you can share pretty much anything you want. From being able to share documents, files, to sharing photos and videos. So if its your turn to lead the meeting and your presenting a PowerPoint. Then last minute you want to share a video that will help hold up your ideas. You can easily switch from presenter mode to video mode.

Switching from presenter to video mode is easy and smooth, with your meeting not being interrupted or ruined by switching modes. You will still look professional in front of your peers. To switch to video mode you simply have to click the side button on the InstaShow Button. Keeping your meeting running smoothly. The video mode will bring crystal clear, HD viewing, with stereo sound. So the videos you want to show will not be hindered or disrupted when wanting to share them to your classmates or colleagues. The InstaShow keeping the video exactly how it is. Just like when you first start sharing with the InstaShow WDC10 or WDC10C kit, it just takes a click of a button to get you started. You wont have to worry about grabbing any cables or adapters to get your video playing. Stopping your meeting, and your meeting room table from getting messy.

BenQ InstaShow: How It Differs From Other Wireless Presentation Devices - video mode Benq


Whether you’re a guest in a meeting room or a familiar face. Anyone can use the InstaShow Button to share. If you are a guest in a meeting room though, you wont need to worry about your security. The InstaShow uses a standalone network so when you start using the Button, anything you share across will be protected. Plus, by having a standalone network it allows you to share without any buffering or delays as the network is only for sharing. Along with your data. This can ease a lot of peoples mind, especially if you are using the WDC20 as 32 people can be support by the BenQ device. Both the WDC10 and WDC20 have a 128-bit security encryption. This meaning that when you share your content across, the information shared will only be shared to the people you want it shared to and no one else will be able to view the content.   



If you want to fully kit out your meeting room then the BenQ InstaShow can offer some accessories. For the InstaShow WDC10 and WDC10C you can purchase the InstaShow HDMI Button Kit and a InstaShow USB-C Button Kit. The USB-C Button Kit will allow guests and colleagues to share with their phone and tablet. If you have the InstaShow WDC20 or the WDC20C then you can purchase the InstaShow HDMI Button Kit. Each kit will come with a Cradle – a place where you Buttons can sit. So even though with InstaShow you wont have to worry about an endless amount of cables sat on your table. You might’ve worried about those who just unplug and leave the device where it is, but with the Cradle you can quickly tidy your table. Plus, it stops the Buttons from being moved around and then eventually being lost. 

Getting these kits means that you meetings potential is is limitless. No more guests walking into the meeting with their laptop at hand, ready to start sharing. Then realising the cant because they don’t have the right ports for the standard BenQ Button.    


Where Does InstaShow Thrive?

BenQ’s InstaShow kits thrives in pretty much every situation, no matter where you are InstaShow can adapt to your space. InstaShow is known for thriving in offices. With meeting rooms being kitted out with the best possible equipment for video conferencing. But when it comes to sharing, BenQ has it covered. The WDC10 and WDC20 are the best fit for professional sharing, quickly fitting in to your small, medium or large meeting rooms. With the choice of expanding your Button collection, InstaShow doesn’t have a limit on how many people there should be in a meeting. If its three or 20, the WDC10 or WDC20 can still work its wireless sharing magic. And that’s true, if there are 20 people in your meeting room then all 20 of them can share – at once.

The WDC20 will allow up to 4 people to share on the screen at once. InstaShow will recognise that multiple people are sharing and it will split your meeting room display into four equal sections. So if you are using the InstaShow in a classroom and you, as the teacher, have assigned your students to work in groups of four. And those students have gone away separately and worked on their cut of the work. Then your students can come back and easily present their work together in the classroom. Even though they have done bits separately they can come together at the end and join up all their work.

So BenQ InstaShow can work for anyone, anywhere. With a simple set up, InstaShow can ben deployed into any room in an instant. 

Natalie Horn

Natalie Horn

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