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App To Tell If Office Workers Are Not Socially Distancing

Mind The Gap app to tell if office workers are not socially distancing

Network Rail are using an app that alerts the user when a colleague is too close to them.

With businesses under mounting pressure to demonstrate how they are making their workplaces socially-distanced and Covid-19-secure, technology startup Hack Partners has developed Mind The Gap social-distancing app.

Mind The Gap has been designed and developed by London based start-up Hack Partners as an innovative way of keeping employees safe at work by reminding them to perform effective social distancing.

The app does not require an internet connection to operate as it uses high frequency sound waves and Bluetooth to detect if users aare in close proximity to each other.

Network Rail staff use the app widely and it has been widely heralded a success so is being rolled out to other companies in the group.

“I am immensely proud of our entire workforce for the part they have played to keep the country running throughout the pandemic, As we start to plan for a return to office working, we’ve been looking at absolutely everything to make sure we can continue to keep our people safe.”

Martin Frobisher, Network Rail safety, technical and engineering director
App To Tell If Office Workers Are Not Socially Distancing - Mind The Gap Social Distancing App

How it works:

Mind The Gap App Office Social Distancing Solution
Mind The Gap App Office Social Distancing in the new normal
Mind The Gap App Social Distancing Solution for the workplace

Mind The Gap uses inaudible ultra high frequency sounds and Bluetooth to calculate the distance between mobile phones. The technology does not require an active internet connection, making it perfect for use in various environments, outdoors and indoors. It also has the option to customise the
distance that triggers the alert so it can be adapted for any change in Government guidelines.

Haydon Bartlett-Tasker, COO of Hack Partners states:

“We developed Mind The Gap initially to help railway staff maintain social distancing whilst at work. We quickly identified it could be opened up to other industries which – like the rail sector – face difficult challenges in safeguarding their employees that work across a variety of environments. With the economy reopening, businesses are under immense pressure to trade safely in this ‘new normal’.”

We like this idea and is an interesting option to integrate into your workplace. If you need advice on how to create a COVID-secure environment within your business then call us today on 01189 977 785 or complete the form below and we can have one of our specialists contact you to discuss your requirements.

Michael Kitt

Michael Kitt

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