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Airtame Hub And Its Features

Airtame Hub And Its Features - Blog

The Airtame Hub is the new addition to the Airtame range. Airtame’s sleek, classic design has moved onto a bigger and better device for hybrid conferencing. Making it simpler to start and join meetings, no matter if you are in the office or working from somewhere else.
Giving a better meeting room experience, the Hub will keep your meeting, Teams or Zoom (Zoom coming at the end of the year), running smoothly without any interruptions or lagging. So, one day you could be using Zoom and the next you could be using Teams. With the Hub, its entirely possible.

With the Hub, you can run powerful meetings in a matter of seconds. There’s no rushing to find the right cables anymore as you can walk in last minute and connect to the Airtame Hub with the network connection. Now the Airtame Hub isn’t there just for quick joining to meetings, it performs high quality screen sharing, content sharing, and digital signage capabilities. Plus with a built in PoE+ port, it lets you hold high quality meetings over a network connection. With less wires involved it means less mess and less fuss if something goes wrong. Further meaning that you video conference call will stay connected and stable. Just what you want in a meeting.

If you’re looking for a solution to present your hybrid meetings then the Airtame Hub is the answer. Either fill out the form with your details or call us on (01189) 977 785

Airtame Hub In-Depth

The Airtame Hub is a sleek black box that sits behind you meeting room display, running your meeting. Unlike the Airtame 2, the Hub will actually run your video conference instead of it running on your laptop. Removing the issue of your laptop being drained of battery every time you hold a meeting. Plus you can then use your laptop while the meeting sits on your meeting room display, and runs on the Hub. Your laptop acting as your meeting room controller. With this in mind, you can use the Airtame Hub in any room. Changing any room into a hybrid conferencing room. Making the Hub compatible with any meeting room and two of the most popular video conferencing platforms.

Like we said the Airtame Hub will run your video conference for you, stopping your meeting from draining your laptop battery. The Hub will also make you meeting quality better, making the image quality higher and clearer to see. This is because the Hub will take all of the performance of the meeting, running your microphones, speakers, and video. Meaning all you have to worry about is setting up your laptop and sharing your content from the laptop to the meeting with ease. And without messing up the call quality or even cutting the call out. Along with the built in PoE+ port, mentioned before, your quality will stay clear and high quality.

Hub Specs


  • HDMI Out: 2
  • USB: 2x Type A, 1x Type C
  • Network: 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • WiFi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2×2 MIMO, RSDB 
  • Bluetooth: 5.2

Power Input

  • PoE IEEE 802.3at Type 2 “PoE+” (RJ45 Connector)
  • 46-57V = max 30W
  • DC Power Port (IEC 60130-10:1971 Type A: 5.5mm OD, ID
  • 12V = max 55W

HDMI Cable

  • Length: 1m
  • HDMI: 1.4
Airtame Hub UK


  • Web/Cloud Transport Encryption: TLS
  • Device API Security: With Password (SRP)
  • Streaming Encryption: Airplay, Miracast
  • Conferencing Encryption: TLS, WebRTC
  • Physical Security: Custom Tamperproofing, Kensington lock compatible with Kensington Microsaver 2.0


  • Operating System: Airtame OS (Linux based)
  • Device Management: Airtame Cloud

Where Will The Hub Work?

The Airtame Hub is compatible with any type of meeting room. Whether you only have smaller meeting spaces, or large boardrooms. The Hub just has to mount behind or sit in front of your room display. For the Hub to be able to do its job and so it can be connected to your room display easily. With quick and easy connecting as well, its easy for people to walk into the meeting room and connect to the Airtame Hub. So it really doesn’t matter what size meeting room you have. All you have to think about when purchasing the Hub is if it can be mounted on your wall or if you have a flat surface you can place the Hub onto. You won’t need to worry about your other AV equipment not connecting with your Airtame Hub, as the Hub only needs to fit with your meeting room display. 

Even though the Hub can work in any meeting pace, the Hub will be better suited for a larger, boardroom style meeting room. With the Hub’s main purpose to bring remote, hybrid workers to your in house meeting. So, using the Airtame Hub in a larger meeting room will let you see the true power and potential of the Hub. The Hub being able to run a Teams or Zoom meeting with multiple laptops in the meeting room and multiple participants from anywhere in the world.

However, don’t let this stop you from using the Hub if you have smaller spaces. Your smaller, huddle sized rooms will still benefit from the Hub. Huddle rooms are an easy space for multiple people to hold their meetings, one after the other. Unlike a large meeting room, a huddle room is for more intimate and, most likely, shorter meetings. So you wont have the face drop when you walk into a messy meeting room with cables and chairs moved everywhere. As, for one, a huddle room wont hold large amounts of people and, for two, the Hub will hold all of the connections as all you have to do is wirelessly connect. 

Airtame Rooms

Making you Airtame Hub experience even easier, Airtame Rooms lets you run the smoothest of meetings. This conferencing software lets you hold a meeting no matter anyone’s preferred video conferencing platform. This sort of software is revolutionary within the video conferencing world as people will always have their preferred video conferencing platform. Then creating video meetings can be a road block as not everyone uses the same platform. The Hub doesn’t have a preference though, its easy to join a meeting no matter the platform. The Hub allows you to integrate your Microsoft Calendar, meaning you can join any meeting set in your calendar just by clicking it. So even if you are running late and scrambling to find the meeting code or the link to click, you can just go to your calendar and join the meeting in a flash.

Airtame Room - Meeting

With the calendar integration you can join a meeting in a click. Then with CastYourCall, you can instantly flash your meeting to the Airtame Hub. Making it super simple to walk in and start your call. Then like we said, the Hub will run your meeting and take all the power, leaving you to use your laptop anyway you want without having to move tabs, trying to avoid exiting the meeting, and running your battery dry. Not only can you CastYourCall with Airtame Rooms, you also have a one central web portal for cloud management. This web portal allows you to, like it says, manage your Airtame. From updating firmware, monitoring usage of an Airtame, and controlling your digital signage from wherever you are in the world. Even though Airtame Rooms is only for Airtame Hub, you still have the option to control your digital signage from the web portal. Making it easy for you to work from home, check if the Airtame Hub is being used for meetings when it should be, create and control your digital signage. All from one place.

Airtame Rooms is specific to the Airtame Hub, with Rooms only being offered in a bundled package with the Airtame Hub. You will also get a on year software license with annual renewal. 

Natalie Horn

Natalie Horn

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